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Study Tarot deck

Every self-respecting tarolog in the country is committed to work out any new deck, which he took it, or buy it is bestowed. I tarolog - because of strange will, nothing ever worked out.

Let's look at the very beginning of the conversation, and what it is for "work out?" And for that we turn to the most useful Ushakov's Explanatory Dictionary. He knows everything! And then say that:

Study - a study of the material.

That's so - brief and clearly.

Suppose you bought your first pripervuyu deck.

Can you examine anything from an unknown deck you? It is doubtful. Because you do not know the structure of the Tarot, you do not know why the Tarot has major and minor arcana, you do not know what information to carry a map of the yard. You do not know anything about the classical values ​​of arcana and the more you have no idea what the difference between direct and inverted cards. And much more to you too, is not available.

Can you at least explore the deck itself? Probably. But just as an oracle. Because you'll have to make a start in the memorization and alignment logic from those drawings that provided you with the author. If you are familiar with two-three nonclassical decks, you will realize that such a study is often not possible, at least on the basis of these same images. And younger arcana can not be traced.

From all this we can conclude that the study, with no initial knowledge base of tarot as a system, it does not make any sense to you.

What is called study of the pack among tarologov?

You will be surprised, but it's the same oracle approach with deep or not research themes and bind this information to every drawing deck. All for the sake of future treatments, in vyzubrennoy concept.

To illustrate the approach we take Tarot Vikings.

What strategic information you learned from the study presented? What is really useful to tell you №1 card in this deck? Whether this interpretation, far-fetched, right?

I have no answers to your questions.

And now tell you what I mean by a study of.

    • I am working within a particular system.
    • I know the meaning of each arcane system.
    • I have to link the card Magician in Tarot Vikings with my knowledge of the lasso №1 M. within the system.

      I know from the classical description of the lasso №1, a magician on the nature of the manipulator. He manages all strata of human life, which are described batons, cups, Denard, swords example. But he controls not as a social ruler - Emperor, but rather as a power broker, whose influence is imperceptible, but it is more external, because M. is independent from those reservoirs are managed, he knows everything about them, and they are interesting to him only as a basis for work benefits purpose. For the purpose of the magician creates illusions of others, affects the subconscious cunning. The insidiousness of his strength and his courage.

      Can I reconcile all this with Tyurom? To some extent, yes.

      Tyr, which is considered a stronghold of justice, in fact, a chthonic monster, which existed from the beginning of creation. It therefore had to excel to excuse the lack of hands, a tale about a Fenrir. Because all chthonic creature marked deformity. Ie it being possesses an ancient mystical power. What Magician naturally. And even if we go back to the version bitten off the hand, we find that the warrior-Tours is very crafty, I do not think it can be considered cheating stupid valor, even huge puppy. Lure him to put on a chain. Punishing for what he has not even made. When - it can probably be said so velva, Fenrir will be the beginning Rognarek. Blah blah blah.

      And here before us M. Tours for which justice, so, what will the people of this world, an empty phrase. She treated them as he sees fit. He realizes his strong right, the right winner. And that is how the classic magician behaves. Tours manipulates cub, it is important to get to the goal subdue the magical creature. And it is seeking. Exactly the same way as would Magician. Wolf securely chained from the fact "that in nature can never be." Ie used magic, witchcraft to control the process.

      But then we still have another area - Magic Laws state that should pay for everything. And for deferred Rognarek including. Justice for justice. One was what he wanted, he could chewed off another. Here is the universal balance. And why do we Fleece Teyvaz you ask? Well... it is here only because of its stability associated with Tyurom. Lest we missed identification. And of course it is designed to reflect the basic qualities of the Magician strength and determination.

      And so what we have.

      I was left in the system, I added in the nuances - has written a new character. I can describe the man in this card Yes. I can describe the situation to the client, having this Traktovaya definitely. I can give a positive or negative judgment of the Arcana in this deck Of course. So, my study of this card is finished.

      Could I do without a study? And how! But why? And because I was more than enough traktovochnyh nuances inside the system of taro, with which I work.

      What if I bunch of very different decks? I just like to have them. How like having a plurality of pairs of beautiful shoes, gloves, jewelry.