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Numerology Tarot

Unit represents the point, which suggests an infinite number of possibilities, the starting point and a springboard. Unit means the beginning, the aim of the thesis or the initial submission.

In the Tarot represent the Unit Magician and Aces. Mag a symbol of the beginning of the initiative and activity. Aces are thought, an idea, a seed, a chance, an opportunity, the beginning, the creative impulse, focus, gift, the source, the moment of creation and personal awareness.

Deuce number polarity. Twos mean couples, duality, discord, opposition, communication, partnership, dialogue, response, reaction, reflection, doubt, and alternative combination. Twos can point to the upcoming elections, confrontation and division.

In the Tarot Deuce represents the High Priestess, uniting opposites.

Three represents the work of creation, operation, growth and integration. Three - a child one and two. The initial impetus Ace Deuce its development embodied in the Troika. Three - the number of adaptation, when a person loses the unity (unit), find themselves in the world of polarities (Deuce). The number three symbolizes the union of body, soul and spirit, and also points to the unity of the past, present and future.

The Empress tarot represents triple, giving new life.

Four expresses the result of labor, symbolized by three. Number four is all practical, concrete, everything that has form. Four represents the structure of the building, the foundation of the order and domination. Four the number of wholeness, stability, caution, safety and inviolability, law and order.

In the Tarot represents the Four Emperor, is a ruler, the guarantor of order and stability.

Five the number of changes, instability, uncertainty and crisis experience. Five represent losses struggle and symbolize the precarious situation, regret, conflict, adventure, impermanence, change and test. The top five is the idea of ​​the search hidden meaning of human existence, reminding us of the physical reality, and the brevity of life.

The Tarot embodies Five Hierophant in charge of the meaning of life.

Six the number of harmony, balance, support, sharing, reciprocity, management and improvement, the number of retribution, both good and bad. Six successful union of opposites.

In the Tarot represent the six lovers, who can unite the opposition.

Seven the number of mystery, wisdom, philosophy, temptation, spiritual and mental abilities. The rift between the creative imagination and reality forms a rough challenge, which is the driving force behind the experience, willpower, determination and courage.

At the Chariot Tarot Seven symbolizes that can move business off the ground.

Eight number of justice, because it can be broken down into equal parts. It symbolizes harmony, progress, expansion, rebirth, renewal, transformation, material success and positive change. Eight symbolizes the movement of or completion or withdrawal from what is already there. Eight an infinite number of acquisitions, including experience.

In the Tarot represents the Eight Justice as a symbol of balance.

Nine the number of concentration and self-knowledge. It symbolizes the end of loneliness, wisdom, integrity and protection. Nine is the way in, it is the experience and the conclusions that we do in order to go to the next level.

The Hermit Tarot Nine represents as a symbol of loneliness and inner concentration in search of wisdom.

Ten the number of completion and finality, symbolizes the end of one stage of life and the beginning of another. Ten and an end and a beginning, and a farewell greeting. It symbolizes the end of the outcome, the result, the legacy, the harvest, the performance.

In the Tarot represents the top ten Fortune, as a symbol of the end of one cycle and the transition to another.