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Minor Arcana Numerology

Aces.  The first card of each suit are the starting point, the beginning and the trampoline. They symbolize creativity, a new beginning and a time to begin to act. They can see the beginning of the realization that something is maturing and emerging.

All Aces seek to implement plans and projects, and symbolize their implementation. Ace is seen in every beginning of life: a grain in the egg, embryo or human animal. Without it there is no development and action. Thanks to him, perhaps the birth of something new, because it is responsible for the appearance as a living creature, and ideas and concepts...

Deuce- this is a plus and a minus, the unity and struggle of two opposites, yin and yang. Twos endow questioner opportunity to restore harmony and resolve conflicts. Two - or is irreconcilable antithesis, or the union of two complementary principles. This number is very significant in the love manifested dually. It can mean the establishment of links and point to the upcoming elections.

The triple balanced yin and yang through the den. At the level of the triple contradiction is removed, it is to harmonize, stable and rigid. This is the number of creativity, growth, action, energy and enthusiasm. Troika demands for the existence of a special   set of conditions at the level of human relations is symbolized by a triple triad mother Father - child, or the proverbial "love triangle." &Nbsp; With this number questioner can enjoy achieved through relations started in two. Three is the creation, integration and reproduction, it involves the connection of its intentions with action, so that progress is happening.

Four- the number of stability, retention of material from the decay within the form. Number 4 - the number of purely earthly, is the world of geometric shapes. Its appearance has been interpreted differently, depending on the situation in which the questioner appeared. This number is the land matter, the elements may become an obstacle between us and our deep desires and aspirations. Four   - it is durable, reliable, organized, but completely passive number, it is not capable of action.

Five represents a risk, try to go beyond, the instability, unpredictability, change. The appearance of cards with this number may indicate a loss, rage, finding creative thought. Five portend difficulties critical moments, critical situations, complex transitions. This number is never passive   and calm, it is stressful, full of rage and brute force.

Six show a happy ending adjustment, started five. This is - the number of harmony, balance and skill. It is associated with love for family and home, and is a success, the accession of reliability and stability. Image of Six - a masterpiece in what else, a triumph of technology, it is brought to perfection and completeness. Her appearance heralds comfort, positive emotions and events.

Seven symbolizes the unity of heaven and earth. It includes the terrestrial and celestial triad. Seven - the number of wisdom, perfect harmony, philosophy, spirituality and psychic abilities. The seven is always present something mysterious, surreal, otherworldly.

Seven - this material creation, the end of the cycle or the completion phases related to time. Yet Seven alarming, because it implies the idea of ​​the transition from the known to the unknown. The Tarot is the number of invites you to join the fight, hinted that it was time to choose and decide.

Eight- it is a symbol of death and rebirth, the endless changes in the karmic chain. It is also a purification, which is achieved through love and true devotion to another person or a favorite idea. Eight is associated with progress and forward movement. It is material success, prosperity - in worldly and spiritual spheres - and the combination of opposites. Eight also affects power, justice and discipline in our daily life, in all that relates to the laws that govern society and every one of us. She can point to a revolution in the life of personal, professional or spiritual realm...

Nine brings the love of the world and to the people, charity, deeply conscious humanism, brotherhood and understanding of others. Nine - this extension, securing such benefits for himself. Appearing in the balance, the card with this number shows that people happy with his life and tends to move forward. A man who lives in harmony with the vibrations of nines, can very well   to feel the needs of others, and the scope of his work and the activity becomes the whole world.

Ten opens a new level. It is directed upwards and symbolizes success and prosperity. Ten provides the ability to implement projects without putting them in the closet, it provides energy for action and provides the fulfillment of desires. Ten symbolizes the unstoppable pursuit of goals, as well as security and home. It signals the wisdom that we find in the passage of vital steps.

And on the face cards.

The pages can be themselves, and male and female. Age 21 years, to a maximum of 25 years. It may mean the news, as well as issues related to children. The Tarot   The page character endearing and ministering. He can impersonate a child or adolescent, employee, or even an animal.

Knights do not know fear, they show heroism. In the scenario, these cards can impersonate a person and present the event. They allude to the motion, activity, ardor, passion, creative energy. The precipitate Knight can report that in life questioner will be a new man, or even something new.

The Queen are endowed with all the riches of femininity. As they have more charm than common sense, they are the embodiment of female success. The Queen can impersonate women in questioner. These cards can reflect one of the features of questioner, which is important at the time of divination. &Nbsp; The Queen can refer equally well as a magnificent and brilliant effect, and empty and vain deception.

Kings represent the men appearing in the life of questioner. The king is the image of his father, a reputable man, wisdom and life experience.