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Reversed Tarot cards in

No one card in the Tarot can not be regarded as absolutely good or bad. Each card has a very wide range of interpretations. Many tarot reader believe that the hole cards make to the balance of the additional shade. The interpreter has the right to choose to use the card in the inverted or not. Maps will simply follow his choice.

The values ​​of the inverted maps

The value of the line card is reversed. Remember, Aza Petrenko psychics in the battle front of the water tank had the map upside forces, saying that the water is not holy, having power, but is an ordinary liquid.

Blocked energy and buried talents. With this interpretation of the inverted map, you can see that your life does not receive development or hinders your life. The potential is there, but the energy is still dormant. Maps may then push you to realize that your life is now available.

The postponement in time. In this case, the hole cards can promise the execution of an event, but not as fast as we would like.

Focus on the problem. flip the cards are just trying to draw your attention to the problems that you do not notice.

errors or incorrectly selected direction. flip the cards are trying to show you your faults and mistakes, or point to wrongly chosen path.

Immature views. flip the cards sharpen your attention to the ill-considered ideas.

Note aid. In this case, the inverted maps give a recommendation that can help you or serve as an indication as possible to correct the situation.

The impact or threat. With this treatment, you can flip the cards to find out what influences the events around you or threatens you personally.

projections. flip the cards can talk about what the qualities you project onto others. It may be the qualities that you admire, hate or deny in yourself.

Deja vu. flip the cards reported multiple repetitions of the same script, your next attempt to step on the same rake, enter the same gate.

Caution. flip the cards warned against any action or influence of certain people.

personal meaning. You can flip the cards to give personal meaning, which will make your divination unique.