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Whether he will return?

Cartomancy Lenormand "whether he will return?" It is intended for those who parted with a partner, but do not want to put the final "point" in the relationship and hopes for the return of a loved one. Alignment is suitable for any broken alliances: lovers, couples, civil marriage. Suitable is guessing on 10 cards and for situations where the partner is gone, but still unknown - is final gap or not.

Before you begin this free online divination think about your partner, remember the circumstances of separation, try to let go of all the negativity that has accumulated in your soul. Then proceed to the choice of cards.

Map №1. What caused the breakup in your opinion.

Map №2. How do you react to the separation that you feel.

Map №3. What can you do to get a partner.

Map №4. What you should not do in any case.

Map №5. The real reason for breaking up with your partner's point of view.

Map №6. What does your partner about having to go back.

Map №7. External circumstances that prevent the return.

Map №8. The answer to the question "whether he will return?"

Map №9. The prospect relationships.

Map №10. The Council or the warning.
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