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Guessing on relationships

If you want to learn to do with you and your partner to answer the question "Loves, he (she) me or not?", Use a universal tarot relationship. This simple alignment of the Tarot Thoth not only give an answer to this question, but will tell you what to expect from your relationship with your partner, what good they can give you in the future, and what they can bring negative.

Map №1. What does your partner think about you.

Map №2. With your partner you feel.

Map №3. As your partner is going to behave towards you.

Map №4. What is the purpose of your partner in a relationship with you.

Map №5. What good is this relationship can give you.

Map №6. Which film can you bring these relationships.

Map №7. How do you behave in order to maintain and strengthen these relationships.

Map №8. How do you behave so as not to suffer from this relationship.
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