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The balance of the relations | Short alignment Lenormand

16 Cards

Alignment on the cards Lenormand, allowing the most complete answer to the question about the development of the women of her relationship with a man, this alignment Lenormand relations is used for a detailed study of the relationship.

Gypsy Lenormand layout

36 Cards

Applied when there is a need to learn the most important events in human life, which will occur in a given period of time.

Great layout Lenormand

36 Cards

The ancient tarot cards Lenormand from the original series of complex layouts, which takes into account not only the independent value of each card, in accordance with the occupied position, but also a combination of the paired cards. This layout is used in cases where it is necessary to make a detailed forecast for a period of time. In the Great scenario can be viewed as an overall picture of the client's life situation in a certain time period, and separate, topics of interest, be it work, relationships, health, money, children, etc.

Whether he will return?

10 Cards

Cartomancy Lenormand " whether he will return? " It is intended for those who parted with a partner, but do not want to put the final "point" in the relationship and hopes for the return of a loved one. Alignment is suitable for any broken unions.