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Gypsy alignment

Guessing Gypsy Lenormand layoutGypsy Lenormand layout used when there is a need to learn the most important events in human life, which will occur in a given period of time.   The Gypsy alignment to make small Lenormand deck, 36 cards, there is also possible to use ordinary playing cards.

Just need to bring some clarity to the name of the hand. On the Internet it is more commonly referred to as Big alignment Lenormand, in everyday life and in books called Gypsy alignment. By and large, this is one and the same layout as the Grand alignment Lenormand, who told about separately. Great balance of our website describes as it wonders majority of fortune-tellers, with details to "knight moves" with "mirrors" the study of "houses", which are card-opening combination of maps that predict death, with description of the development of relations between the cards "forms" and the study of other events. Great layout opens us more fully than Gypsy, it allows for a more detailed study of the situation. Title Gypsy alignment   It applied in practice very often, but it's the same layout.

Interested amount of time that you will learn, given before the start of divination and mixing cards. &Nbsp; In the interpretation of the Roma the alignment takes into account not only the independent value of each card, but also the position of the card in relation to the map of the questioner and its combination with other cards.   We'll give it the characteristic of   the book Kotelnikova AA and Nyquist AG "Treasure deck Mary Lenormand». &Nbsp; If you want to delve into numerology in the study of this scenario, we recommend See more Lenormand layout.

Technology alignment of

Guessing Gypsy Lenormand layoutBefore you start Roma need to focus and alignment of the card mix. Before the balance will be made, it is necessary to remove the left hand deck asked twice to get three of the deck. Each received a portion of the deck so turn to see the bottom card. These three cards prompt initial information about the situation. Their combination will show you the unconscious motives that guide his actions and form the corresponding events. Once you have completed the interpretation of these three cards and identified a deep inner state asks connect three pieces in one pack. Shuffle again and place the card scheme, focusing on the information received. &Nbsp; You will have   the balance of 8x4 + 4, four rows of eight cards and the fifth row is four cards. &Nbsp; After the alignment of cards start to interpret all the provisions and combination cards. Map questioner is decisive turning point in the interpretation and the alignment of the Roma.

All of the interpretation and the interpretation of the alignment is based on the situation map of the questioner. The meaning of each card is interpreted according to its provisions. This form of interpretation is called the Roma "by drawing a cross in the past, present and future." The meaning becomes clear when you meet with the meaning of each item in the Gypsy cards scenario.

The structure of the alignment

Guessing Gypsy Lenormand layoutAfter how the cards spread out on the circuit, it is necessary to find a map asks map "Form". If you hold a conditional straight lines up and down on the card asks the entire layout is divided into two parts: the left and right. The right side of the alignment, placed in front of a map of the questioner, opens the future. The left side of the alignment, located behind the card asks you know past events. All cards are placed on the line above the map asks represent real events or those planned or expected in the near future. This vertical line up is a kind of threshold between the past, present and future. All cards on the downlink from the questioner card — "It's something that we are treading underfoot" is believed to fortune tellers — gypsies. These cards, on the line below the map of the questioner, mean not only the events, which avoids asking or trying to forget, and "pushes" the feelings and attitudes that it suppresses in himself and trying to forget.

Cards Cards questioner form around the inner square. It is eight cards, which are in close proximity to the map "form" to map the questioner. Inner square reveals all the most significant and important events in the life of the consulted person that will occur in the near future.

The traditional form Gypsy interpretation of a gypsy cross or big cross, which opens a temporary circuit in series from the past to the future. This link is seen between all the cards, which are located on the horizontal and vertical lines on the card is given to mentally asking up and down, left and right. These lines in the interpretation of the alignment are basic information, which is why they need to study carefully. The vertical line drawn across the map of the questioner, is regarded as the present line and the horizontal line   to study how the line of past and future. At the same time all the cards are interpreted strictly along these lines.

Guessing Gypsy Lenormand layoutIf we imagine draw a line to the right and to the left of the map of the questioner, then all the cards on these lines, which lie closer to the map "form" means the recent events. The farther away the card from the card asks the greater remoteness of the event. A horizontal line is considered by far the most cards and cards that lie farthest from the "Forms" will show the following: in the last position of – prehistory, and in the position of the future – development of the situation than it will end and it will all end. The main card on the line of the future will be one that is near the forms in the inner square, it will show what will happen in the near future. Maps, reaching for the primary, will tell what will happen next, or what will be the consequence of this main event. Favorable card at the line end future means that the prediction of events will result in a favorable and does not depend on whether the card is near the client card.

For more information and to explore the past and future use diagonal. Diagonal – is mentally carried across from the line card questioner. In the interpretation of the alignment of the upper diagonal from the map "forms" are scheduled events, conscious action, understandable for questioning phenomenon. Examine the inner desires, ulterior motives, all the secret and incomprehensible allow the lower diagonal.

The position of the card asking

In the interpretation of Gypsy Lenormand is necessary to consider the alignment of the card asking is not always at the center:

If the card asking shifted to the left. This means that the consulted ended an important period in his life, his thoughts and plans are in the future, the questioner has already completed a cycle of development, and the past it does not matter;

Guessing Gypsy Lenormand layoutIf the map asking shifted to the right. This means that the person who came for advice at the moment is necessary to deal with its past, which is the key to solving all of these problems. For him, the future is not predetermined and the events of the future is entirely dependent on what action he would take now, in this;

If the card asking biased upwards. This means that in the life of the counselee important role played by his thoughts and feelings. Currently inquiring own unrealized desire, and it is in the power of the unconscious, which is due to a conflict with the requirements of social norms is not allowed in his mind.

If the card asking shifted down. Q. able to control   the situation and can actually evaluate what is happening. However, if the top card on the "Forms" are negative cards, it speaks about the excessive concern fictitious problems nonexistent fears.

Here is an example

The man asked the advice of a fortune teller. He wanted to know the future development of the main events of his life for a period of three years, that at the moment to assess the opportunities and make the right choices about work.

Shuffle the cards, he moved the deck twice and divided it into three parts. At the bottom of each side №7 View a map of Snake, №12 and №26 Owl Book. Based on these maps, you can see that in the next three years the main theme in his life — intellectual self-improvement, new knowledge. The sequence of the open maps and their values ​​indicate that the questioner during these years will be surrounded by enemies who will spread rumors about him ridiculous, coming some gossip and squabbles, but counselee wise enough to rise above the petty grievances and did not deviate from the chosen path .

Indeed, further consulted planned master thesis and is currently engaged in scientific work. After discussion of this topic with the counselee, the cards were thoroughly mixed and laid in the balance Gypsy Lenormand. It was disclosed only those cards that belong to a cross and diagonally.

Get the next alignment

Guessing Gypsy Lenormand layoutAt the beginning of the alignment necessary to examine the interpretation of the position occupied by the map of the questioner in the scenario. In this case, the card asking №28 Man (Ace of Hearts) is in the middle of the horizontal line and the bottom of the vertical. From this position, it can be concluded that the questioner has not yet lost its influence and relevance of past events and future events have to some extent "ripe." The counselee is in the middle of a certain life cycle.

The situation in the vertical line, which is all over the map asks over his head, said that the intellectual sphere is in his life a very big place, is essential and of paramount importance, consulted "lives with his mind, not the senses" .

Now consider the more specific maps and their combinations

The inner square. In the vicinity of the card "forms" are key card №33, №21 Mountain, №27 Letter, №4 House, №18 Dog, №20 Garden, №30 Lily and №6 clouds. Map key positions in the past means that consulted recently found a way to solve their problems, in this example, we are talking about the subject of scientific research. Map Mount in the position of talking about the future of the future obstacles and overcome severe difficulties. Map Letter cards on top of the head of the questioner means that at the moment he is most concerned with matters related to the execution of documents and official papers. Cards Dog and Garden in the upper diagonals show the support of friends. Consulted before receiving help from friends and can continue to count on their revenues and advice.

House down at the feet of the questioner, is surrounded by clouds and Lilies cards. This indicates that the counselee is not satisfied about family issues and trying to suppress my anxiety about it. The dark side is turned to the Clouds House, which indicates serious problems in the family, in the recent past, the situation was similar to divorce. Now consulted trying to get away from family problems to work. However, the map Lily says that "goodness will prevail," and is now cause for concern among the consulted there.

Consider Gypsy cross. The position of the Roma last scenario, the left side of the alignment maps are child Tower and Key, who report that consulted by nature gentle and kind man. He enjoys the trust and respect of others. For him, the most important principles of decency and honor, as though it may sound old-fashioned. Guided decency, he builds his life building on the solid foundation of eternal values. The result of his many years of work will be his real work.

Maps in the top line above his head — This letter, Rider and Clover — say that he is interested in legal or "paper" case and soon he has to get information about their situation and the long-awaited news on this subject.

The cards in positions next to the right of disposition of Gypsy — Gore book, Stork and ship say that in the near future and counselee these 3 years be difficult and hard work, but spent force not wasted. The work will not only complete, but also get recognition after a successful defense. The combination of cards Stork and the ship hints at the possibility of emigration and moving.

For more information in the interpretation of the alignment give the diagonal. In the upper left diagonal card Dog, Moon and Bear indicate that the counselee has powerful friends. In the upper right diagonal map Garden, Snake and Broom say about the changes in his life that would cause envy and gossip. However, a good card in the position of the future – Pisces, the Sun – It said that the machinations and gossip detractors will not his   and all the worry he'll be fine. "Do not ruin our Mass evil machinations of the enemies".

For a more detailed review of the situation we recommend using the description of the alignment of the Big Lenormand.

The Gypsy Lenormand layout of the book: A. Nyquist, Kotelnikov AG "Treasure deck Mary Lenormand»

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