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Great layout Lenormand

Big alignment Lenormand Big alignment Lenormand — a legendary layout, which enjoyed very famous fortune teller Marie Lenormand truthful to predict the future. This old layouts are all fortunetellers — Lenormand fans guessing. This spread shows the past, present and future situations inquirer, in which line will continue to develop its life situation.

Big alignment Lenormand — an ancient tarot cards Lenormand from the original series of complex layouts, which takes into account not only the independent value of each card, in accordance with the occupied position, but also a combination of the paired cards. This layout is used in cases where it is necessary to make a detailed forecast for a period of time. In the Great scenario can be viewed as an overall picture of the client's life situation in a certain time period, and separate, topics of interest, be it work, relationships, health, money, children, etc.

Normally, Big alignment is done for a long time — 3 months, six months, one year, although it is possible to lay it for a month, but that there are other classifications. Before the start of divination must be mentally set the program map — to decide on what kind of time period you want to forecast. There are two popular variants of the alignment of cards in the numerology on the Big scenario: the first version — 8 cards in 4 rows and 5 series of four cards in the center; second version — 9 cards in 4 rows.

To consider the overall picture of the client's life situation in a certain time period before the issue of fortune telling is best formulated as follows: "I want to learn the most favorable for me the likelihood of further development of my total life situation at a certain period of time».

In the case of the consideration of individual issues on the topic of work, relationships, health, money, children, etc. question better articulate how interested you are dealing with the topic. For example, if the theme of relations between men and women, the question would sound something like: "I want to learn the most favorable for me the probability of the development of relations between me and (name of the partner) for a certain period of time».

To select a different description of the alignment, go to the page "Lenormand Divination decomposed».

Technology alignment of

Great balance of Lenormand Fortune Telling Before there as Makes a great layout specify the issue and define the time period to be considered. Focus and shuffle cards, slide or move the deck give the questioner left hand twice. Gad lays the deck into three stacks face up. Now we have 3 of the deck. Turn them over so that the bottom card is opened. These cards provide us with background information on the situation will be made before the disposition. Three cards in stacks from the bottom was open, define those driving energy, which will participate in the formation of future events. A combination of three cards will tell you a deep inner state asks him unconscious motives, which will be led by his actions, creating the appropriate events. Once you have completed the interpretation of these 3 cards, connect the deck.

After studying the cards shuffle the deck again, focusing on the information received. Then the card is taken from the top of the deck in order and laid out according to the scheme (the figure given for the alignment of the scheme of 8 x 4 + 4). Arrange the cards as shown in the figure.

Maps decomposed, and then sought the blank card (card asks personal map wondered Querent). If the questioner — man, it will be the ace of hearts; if a woman — the ace of spades, the child is given a jack.

The Greater alignment Lenormand each card forms a huge number of combinations with other cards, but treatment is best to start with the 4 corners of the map. This card is 1, 8, 25 and 32. They point to the alignment of the main theme.

By the way, the first card scenario, the one that is in place rider (except for client card) usually sets the tone for the entire scenario, and also shows the thinking Querent. For example, what is most important to him or her at the moment. Traditionally it is considered in pairs with map in gap 32, and the map position 8 in a pair of 25-th. Later, should be linked to the value of cards one interpretation.

Big alignment Lenormand cross and diagonal Now start to interpret all combinations of cards. The decisive turning point and interpretation — Card questioner (this can be men, women, the housing problem — House, Health — Wood work — Anchor, Finance — fish, etc.) All the interpretation is based on the position of the alignment of the map. This means that the meaning of each card must be in accordance with its position relative to the map of the questioner. Roma call this form of interpretation, "drawing a cross in the past, present and future." The value will be immediately obvious if you know the meaning of each item. You should know that in the Great scenario, all the cards are not necessarily interpreted, usually considered a large and karmic crosses around the forms of the client and (or) individual, client interested topics, such as work (Anchor), finance (Pisces), etc.

What is the "Grand Cross" in the Great scenario? Grand Cross is coming from the customer's card vertical and horizontal lines. The vertical line is the line of the horizontal — past and future. These lines are the basic information, so they need to examine carefully (maps are interpreted strictly on the lines).

The cards that lie closer to the form will show recent developments. A card that will lie on show: for the past – backstory than the card on letterhead from the more prescription event. This line is viewed from the farthest card; for the future – development than all will end. Master Card in the position of the future will be one that is near the blanks, it will show what will happen in the near future. The remaining cards are going for the primary will tell what will happen next, or the result will be the main event. If the end of the line card enabling future beds, the prognosis is favorable result, regardless of which card lies next to the client card.

What is the "Karmic cross" in the Big scenario? Karmic cross or even say karmic ties, is the card lying on the forms diagonally. They provide additional information for the study of the past and the future. The upper diagonal is understandable, familiar phenomenon questioner, actions, events that people had to accept in the past and will have to take in the future. The lower diagonal – it is what a man had to be done and.

The diagonals can not be considered separately from the horizontal. They seem to be projected onto it and show the relationship of events. For example, in the horizontal line of the future, you are particularly interested in one of the cards. If over it to hold the vertical up and down to the upper and lower diagonals, respectively, the bottom card, lying at the intersection of the vertical and diagonal, show that the client make an emergency due to interested card. A top card lying on the intersection of the future and the upper diagonal, show what a customer would have to agree that it would be forced to take.

The position of the card asking

Great balance of Lenormand Fortune Telling Map of the questioner is not It is always in the center. It must also be taken into account when interpreting the alignment.

If the card the customer will fall so that it will not be on the cards or not the front, followed, or the bottom, it is an indication that at the present time for the customer is more important information in other areas, or the fact that in the life of the client is now a crucial period. If the past is no longer – it is gone, it means that the future will not be affected and, therefore, for future events does not matter. If in the scenario, the client has no future – hence, it has not yet been formed, and it is very important to the formation of past clients. So, we need an analysis of the past by the client, the findings and determining courses of action that will help the future of "build." Thus, the person is given a chance to build their future.

Map questioner was the first in the scenario. The counselee — a man greatly concerned about the future; female customer – past. The future does not see it or it is in the present period of time, for it is not significant. If the form was in the last scenario, the man concerned about the past, a woman – future. It depends on the direction of gaze figure on the form.

Map questioner shifted to the left. The counselee finished an important period in his life, has completed a cycle of development and is now its main ideas and Plans are in the future. The past does not matter.

Map questioner shifted to the right. At the moment, the person who came for advice, it is necessary to deal with the past. That's where the key to the solution of these problems. The future is not predetermined and depends on what actions he would take right now.

Map questioner shifted upward. The important role played in the life of the consulted his feelings. It is likely that at the moment he is in the power of the unconscious (unconscious Freud — unrealized desire, that due to a conflict with the requirements of social norms are not allowed in the consciousness.).

Map questioner shifted down. We have before us a man who is able to realistically assess what is happening and can control the situation. However, if the top of the card are negative, it may be unnecessary to talk about the concerns of non-existent, fictitious problems, the fears.

Interpretation of the Greater alignment of Lenormand

Big Lenormand layout diagram The first map scenario, which is in the house Rider gives the tone for the-shuffling — This card is very important. The first three cards alignment of — this is a most important message to Querent along with angular maps, which are defined as the main theme in the framework of the alignment of reading. It is also believed that the first four cards in the top row in the layout — 1, 2, 3 and 4 show the present situation, or the next few days.

The last 4 card — 33, 34, 35, 36 — secure future, which will occur within 4-6 weeks. It is necessary to consider first the combination of cards 34-35, then 35-36 cards, but in the end all combine into one. Of course, the alignment computation can specify in advance the desired interval we, for example, can make a balance of 6 months, but the time intervals are often hard to define, but the last 4 in this respect to interpret easily — Events will take place no later than 6 weeks.

After this look at the 4 cards in the center of the alignment of positions: 12, 13, 20 and 21. One approach to treatment, consider the 4 cards of the year as a message that will be fundamental in this year of your life. Interpretation should be carried out as follows: 12 card interpret paired with 21, 13 and 20. It is also possible to connect all 4 cards and try to interpret them together. The second approach considers these cards as "what at heart." In any case, their interpretation is certainly important.

Great balance of Lenormand Fortune Telling Before making the alignment you have to decide for yourself where in the balance with respect to the form (customer card) will be past, and where the future. This is one predictor decides for himself: someone (no matter which "looks" blank) card on the left always refer to the past and map on the right — for the future, this is one option. Someone is always in the past for the "backs" forms, and the future is always in front of her "face" in the direction of view of the forms (ie for men on one side, for Women — to another) — This is the second version of the interpretation of the hand. And because the interpretation of the alignment must be done on the basis of which option you choose. In a first embodiment of the future opens to the right of the alignment, the past you know, having considered the card to the left of the alignment.

All the cards are located up above the map asks refers to the present, mean a real event, or those that are expected in the near future or are planned. Therefore, this vertical line up is the threshold between the present and the future. Maps show the daily challenges. What is happening around the reptile at this point in time that is important to him that he has to decide what it is influenced by the moment of his life, and in any way affect his condition, his thoughts.

All the cards below are asking, figuratively called Gypsies, "that we are treading underfoot" — in psychoanalytic terms "repressed" — these feelings or events we suppress in yourself or try to forget. Maps underfoot forms – also apply to this line. This unconscious anxiety client's suffering that Querent suppresses what does not want to think of what I would like to get rid of. Sometimes it may be his desire, his plans about which he cares for is experiencing. Also, the card under your feet may indicate checkpoints or as they say transient events (occurred and gone) that have already occurred or will occur within a few days.

The diagonals. Additional information for the study of the past and the future. The upper diagonal are conscious actions, scheduled events, the questioner understandable phenomenon. The lower diagonal give the opportunity to explore the hidden motivations, inner desires, all the secret and incomprehensible.

The inner square. Eight cards in close proximity to the map of the questioner. Opens the most significant events in the life of the counselee. Pay attention to these cards, personal contact with the card. They will give additional information about the reptile. They are considered the so-called "big cross».

A large cross or Gypsy cross. The traditional form Gypsy interpretation. Communication is established between all the cards placed on the horizontal and vertical lines on the card asking. Discloses the timing chain from the past to the future.

karmic cross (karmic ties) watch in conjunction with the Grand Cross. Karmic Cross — This card lying on the forms diagonally. They provide additional information for the study of the past and the future.

«Correspondence", "mirror" and "knight moves" if necessary, can be read by anyone interested in the card for its better understanding of, for example, you want to know more about the ideas and events of concern to the client at the moment, then you begin to study in detail the map lying above his head and the like.

Problem areas in which there are cards: Scythe, Coffin, mountain, cross, clouds, mice and their environment, helping to make conclusions about the problem areas in the life of the client.

Other topics of interest: card marriage, relationships, partnerships (Ring, Heart), the card works (Anchor) card money (Pisces), Health (Wood), a map of children (child) and others that characterize the events of the past, present, the future.

House keys, and he is considered as a key advisor to reliability. The map, which is in the house key, and shows how with the help of which the customer will solve the problem.

The last four cards that fall in the last 5 — Row show that will in any event in the future. They are called fatal, that is, regardless of the question raised when folding card last 4 card scenario 8x4 + 4 show that will in any case, regardless of whether the person asking about it or not. These maps show the main events that will occur in the time interval will make come true and will set the direction for future development. Pay special attention to the consideration of this part of the — here may contain advice or warning. If the personal card Gad is in a group of these cards, the main event — in future. Gad is in thinking plans or presentiment some important events. He is aware of the need for change and is ready to accept them.

Maps — Keys

Great balance of Lenormand Fortune Telling The Greater scenario there Cards — keys are considered a must. These cards are desirable to find and view the houses in which they are located, as well as their surroundings. Cards belonging to the same key, interpreted together. Each key has its own value.

Please note that in the scenario where there is a personal card or a reptile person to whom wondering if wondering for a man, the personal card is "Man" (ace of hearts), if a woman — "Woman" (ace of spades). The presence of a personal card group card — key will give focus topic of this group. This means that in the life of reptile that question is in the first place, consider more this line. See also next to a thematic group will personal card. The presence of a number of personal cards with a specific thematic group is the same as that inside her, but to a lesser extent, the impact of this issue on small events.

In principle, the layout of the Greater alignment of interest, you can view your scope, considering the card keys on the same laws as the map Querent, ie consider its position in the layout, building on its vertical and horizontal, diagonal moves and knight.

The interpretation of the keys in the Big scenario Lenormand

In the Lenormand deck — 36 key cards, which is not enough to have their own values, their nuances and shades, but also form a mass of combinations with other such multi-valued cards. To obtain additional information on interested maps, you need to explore the adjacent map, see the "mirror", "conversation" (offsetting cards) and "moves horses" (see what it is. More), pay attention to the proximity or remoteness between Blanco and interested card — significator. The place where lay Desirable card (in the beginning, the end, the corners of the alignment, etc.) also has its own meaning in the interpretation of the alignment.

Partnership. The first thing you need to find the card men and women. Remember that they represent you and your mate, or the most significant person in your life. Note cards lying between them. If there is a map of dogs, it may be your friend, if Anchor — colleague. More details are discussed in this article and its continuation. Another indicator Partnership — a map of the Ring and the surrounding cards. Map Rings — map of alliances and agreements. This may be a marriage and a contract (lease, purchase and sale). It is necessary to see the environment map, determine where it is Ring: in the past or in the future, it is connected with the affairs of love, or with the work.

Great balance of Lenormand Fortune Telling Love . Map of Heart — I love this case. It refers to the emotions, feelings, heart cases, friendship, faith. Maps around the map — Heart key considering the issues that concern guess cause to worry that for him personally have a high significance. You can see: Have love in your life or, on the contrary, leaves it. It should be borne in mind that the heart is in the card in any case scenario. It can be not only love for the opposite sex, but to the dog or to work. Love has many nuances and shades, it can be a marriage and a love affair and sex, and just flirting.

Various key cards the most popular areas — This Heart, Ring, Lilies, Sun Star. When personal map Gad is in a group map — key, it is an indication that the reptile is currently led by emotions. Heart — relationships; Ring — communication, union, marriage; Man — Partner; Dame/snake — partner; Lilies — sex and the opposite of — romance; Sun/stars — personal happiness, the desire.

Friendship. Maps that characterize the (designated) circle of friends: Dog, Bear, Bouquet and the Serpent; Bouquet/Park & ​​mdash; friendly gatherings, party Dog — card, or other good friend, colleague or friend from school. To know what to expect your friend, look at the next cards.

The circumstances. You then need to find the key card and the cards that follow it. In what kind of house it fell, and which card is at 33 home (home key) in order to identify those things that are accurate (specifically) are present in the client's life, as the key shows exactly what defines a "certainty" .

problems. is also beginning to see the problem and map their environment — It is meant Kos coffin, mountain, cross, clouds and mouse. This helps to draw conclusions on the problem areas in the life of the querent. Treat Cards — keys with the problematic card.

work. There are maps showing the people with whom Gad is the connection to work. It is necessary to find the anchor in the scenario and look at the cards that surround it. If there are cards that can represent people, then we can talk about a colleague. There may be a map showing (characterizing the chief). This Bear Mountain Tower (possibly Snake, Fox may also show the bosses).

Anchor — map work, professional stability, some look and are looking for a map of Fox browsing working moments and issues. Anchor is stability, not only in work, but in life. Fox is considered as a work colleague, boss, the attitude in the team, the quality of the employee and others. Moon — professional success, the realization of oneself in the work, in the work.

Title . Card near the card-key reveal the social status of the reptile, the space it occupies in society, its livelihood, financial situation. If the personal card Gad is in a group map — key, the main issue to be solved is related to making money or a career.

Lilies — Family succession, inheritance, succession in work, the choice of profession; Tower — management activities, large companies, corporations and branches; Home — work at home, private small or medium enterprise; Bear — a small company; or network of firms too small; Sun — TV; The sun in combination with owls and/or Oblique — Computers, "iron"; Book Tower — translation, education; The tree or dog — medicine; Broom and book — journalism; Birds — any profession related to communication, obtaining information; Letter — paper; Stars — spirituality; Clover (especially dogs or Tree) — pharmacology; Ship/Rider — mechanization, work with vehicles; Moon/Bouquet — Female business, design, beauty salons, boutiques.

money. Fish/Bear — finances. Money Talks Fish and nearby show them the card. Fish — This employment, income, expenses, cash turnover. Bear can also show the financial side of the issue, Bear — it is rather a deposit in the bank, a legacy fund, the overall financial condition. Basically, Bear — This power is the power of this financial funds, wages and incomes. But the majority still see him as a kind of identity — sponsor, not the financial stability of the client.

Health. Look for cards Coffin and trees. Wood — health cards and stability in the relationship. Near the Garden cards or house can show on a medical institution, and the person with the card — a doctor or nurse.

Wood — body, general; Coffin — illness or death; Mice/Rats — Stress, exhaustion; The birds/Owls — nervous diseases stress; Dog — Doctor; Spit — risks of surgery.

Pregnancy and Childbirth: birds/Owls — Conception; Storks — delivery; Wood — development, health; Spit — abortion, caesarean; Luna — women's health, fertility, cycle; Fish/Lily — male fertility.

Great balance of Lenormand Fortune Telling Family house. Look at House. Home — home business, private life. This is your castle and most intimate. Be sure to check the environment map. Maps, lying next to the map — key House reveal immediate environment reptile may indicate relatives or close friends, friends of the family. It provides information on the near and dear to the people of Gad; If personal map Gad is in a group map — key, it means that the main concern of man connected to the house, family, loved ones.

Children. If the question relates to children, the child looks at the map. Card Child commonly referred to children up to 13-14 years, after already going rider, dog, Fork, Basket. Note Do not lie next to the card number. Then probably children may be more than one. If there are no children, it may refer to the heirs (for example, a great-nephew).

The map Child — a child, but the baby to 13-14 years, and after already being the other key card, such as rider, dog, Fork, Basket. Sometimes the child card, only shows certain traits children.

parents. See the map Bear and Snake. Maps between Medvedev and characterize Tower (show) his father. Maps between Snake and the Tower may characterize the mother. If the scenario Bear or snake in the corner, and in another corner of the tower, it may indicate that the father or mother (or together) significantly affect the lives of women or men.

Shortcut key card , together with the environment is very informative. See the following procedure is necessary.

If you are interested in Map 6, watch the following combination of 1 + 11, then 10 + 2, then 3 + 9 and 7 + 5, and the pair is completely open meaning of what is happening around this theme. If such a combination of diagonal as 1 + 11 3 + 9 and still have a continuation along the plane, such diagonal gives further information. For example, 1 + 11 + 16, where 16 can already lead to a different subject, serve as a bridge between the two different issues.

house in Big scenario

Great balance of Lenormand Fortune Telling Maps in Greater scenario read in view of the houses in which they lay down, every house is responsible for specific areas in accordance with the value of their "home" card. House in a big scenario — this place each card in the scenario that corresponds to the position and alignment of the card serial number. For example: the first rider in the pack is, therefore, the place where, according to the alignment of the scheme, we will put any precipitated the first scenario, the card will be home riders. And if the house will fall 6 Rider Card – The clouds, then we say that clouds are in the House of riders. Pro card, which we put on the second position, ie, the second house, we say that it is in the House Clover. And if, for example, will fall by 16 positions card Clover, we say that Clover is in the House of the Stars, as Star card is in the deck is at number 16. The values ​​of houses corresponds to the direct value of the card that number.

What you need to consider home? If, for example, the House was Horseman card clouds, and we remember that the rider — This news (one of the values) and the clouds passing quickly in trouble (as one of the values), and hence will be interpreted as the first card that the main theme (the first card) to make come true the alignment between client — receiving bad news, Burst, like a bolt from the blue.

It is often not enough to see only one house. For example, the House of Rider and clouds maps, we learned that the main theme of the alignment to the customer are some unpleasant news. To deepen the information can be viewed chain houses: the House of Horsemen are clouds, and which card is in the House of Clouds? In the House of Clouds is Fox, so bad news associated with deception, perhaps gossip. This is enough, but if there is a need can thus look on House Fox — what card went to her home. The main thing – do not get carried away houses and not to go into the jungle.

Each card can play a "role" in the combinations of cards in the Great scenario Lenormand. But if the card falls into her own house, and highlights the quality of the card are amplified. Be sure to look at the site map number 10 -Kosy. But, Kos is not only a danger, it is still something very unexpected coming. At the discretion of you can consider other "home» — Fish, Cross, and so on.

The value of each card in a particular House discussed in the article Big House Lenormand layout.

Great balance of Lenormand Fortune Telling House 1 rider: good Posts contacts;

House Clover 2: a little happiness, a little money, the odds of hope;

House 3 Ship: ride attraction to travel, longing, removal;

House 4 House: stability, home, family;

House 5 Wood: durability, strength, age and health;

House 6 Clouds of fear, insecurity (uncertainty);

The house is 7 Serpent: a smart woman, complications rounds;

8 Coffin House: graduation, new beginning, sorrow, sickness;

House 9 Bouquet: an invitation, a charming girl, unprofessional work (hobbies);

House 10 Kos: danger, separation (separation), harvest, suddenly and unexpectedly;

House Broom 11: conversation (negotiations), discussions;

House Owls 12: excitement, nervousness, contacts by phone;

House 13 Child: child naivete, a new beginning;

House Fox 14: falsity, lies, secrecy, but also cunning;

House Bears 15: confidence and help, in most cases, a man, jealousy;

House 16 Stars: clarity, success, is also the home of magic, unusual;

House 17 Storks: change change;

Dog House 18: friendship, loyalty;

House 19 Tower: separation (separation), privacy and isolation, the authorities;

House 20 Park: community, society meeting;

House Mountain 21: blockades, barriers, load (charge);

House 22 Fork: solutions, new opportunities;

House of 23 rats: the loss (losses), theft, negative and fears;

House of 24 heart: love, friendship;

House 25 Ring: the ratio (tie), a partnership agreement, the connection (commitment);

House of 26 books: secrets, knowledge, school, training;

Home 27: Message, information, contact card — e-mail, fax, telegram;

Big House Lenormand layout House 28 men;

House Dame 29;

House Lilies 30: sexuality, harmony;

House of the Sun 31: energy, more happiness;

House 32 Moon: feelings, fame and recognition;

House 33 Key: map adviser reliability: how do I find the key;

House 34 Pisces: finance, money;

House 35 Anchor: profession, work;

House 36 Cross: fate (fate), faith and hope, and the future.

Mirrors in the Great scenario

As mentioned above – form or interested Cards — significators in Greater scenario Lenormand treated with the so-called "mirror».

What is it "Mirrors" in the Big scenario? It's like a mirror "reflection" of the desired card in two neighboring "mirrors". These "mirror" can be obtained if the BR mentally divided into four parts (for the alignment of 8x4 + 4 lower 4 cards in the fifth row is not counted). The figure clearly shows you how to map (marked with the letter "K") is "reflected" in the two neighboring "mirrors" (reflection marked with the letters "H"). The diagram on the map 11 room mirror with a card of 14 and 19 places, etc. Thus, you can get a "mirror reflection" or simply — "Mirror" any right you cards. "Mirrors" are always arranged in parallel. Each card has two "mirror" (reflection).

A large mirror alignment Lenormand-2 Mirrors — the cards that lie in front of himself at a right angle to the scenario. The first row of mirrors with a fourth and a second row with the third.

What are the mirrors? Mirrors reveal the subject, give the present state of things, the situation at the moment, things interested for the map, reveal (clarify, confirm, determine) the essence, as evidenced by the main card. Mirrors See, for example, the first map of the mirror with the 8th, the second to the seventh, as the first to 25th. Or second to 26th, and the map at number 10th mirrors with cards -18 and 15.

Mirrors in the Great scenario is read, for example, you are looking at whether the children of the client, and especially pay attention to the child card. One of her mirror is – Bouquet, it can tell you that the child is a girl, the second is a mirror – Broom, it can be said that two children. From 4 cards of the last series between the mirrors are only two extreme card, ie 33 to 36.

Correspondence cards in Greater scenario

Also in the interpretation of the Greater alignment of need to pay attention to offsetting the card, in other words – correspondence, correspondence. What is correspondence cards? Correspondence — it is an indicator of the situation in the future. Correspondence to determine the time values ​​dropped in the scenario of events. Offsetting called maps, which lie in the balance diagonally diagonally opposite you. The first number corresponds to a fourth and a second row with the third. For the last number of cards correspondence will be in the next row.

Big alignment Lenormand correspondence  Big Lenormand layout diagram Correspondence cards look like this: for example, first to 32th, the second with a 31st 9th to the 24th, and so on. Here we must remember that only the first row corresponds to the fourth, and the second number – Only a third. Consequently, in the second row 9 card will be put into correspondence with a 24, 23, 10, 16, 17. With respect to the last row of four cards, they correspond to each other with just a number cards overlying the fourth row, ie 33 mirror with a 27, 34, 28, 35, 29, 36 and 30.

On the basis of the mirrors and correspondence (correspondence) can be read and angular maps.

If the "Mirrors" is a reflection of the present state of affairs, that is, we look on them as interested in the issue, the situation now or explanation Desirable card, the "correspondence" is an indicator of the development of the issue in the future.

A large mirror alignment Lenormand-3 Mirrors and correspond better to watch together. Suppose you are interested you are considering a card that is in the house 13. If it is the current situation, reflect the "mirror", ie cards, lying parallel to it — 12 and 21 homes, the future development of the situation shows offsetting card lying diagonally located in House 20. Maps are interpreted as follows: 12 card interpret paired with 21, 13 and 20.

All correspondence is not necessarily to be regarded as a combination of original and offsetting cards and important environment of the card where card offsetting falls. For example, the ring corresponds to the rat, at first glance it appears that this is the end of the partnership. And if the ring corresponds to the rats that "look" to the mountain, the Mount Rat "eat" and it turns out that this correspondence shows that the obstacles that were in romantic relationships, leave. Because Rats — it's such a plague that eats everything that lies next to her in the future, regardless of whether it is bad or good.

If you are interested in a trip specifically, you have to watch it on the map Ship in the scenario. You need to look at what place he is, and his correspondence you interpret the future, look, how will the trip. In addition, you need to look home place 3 — Ship. Which card at this point is, for example, the Sun show that a person is planning a vacation in the summer; Heart — Love at a distance; Ship Anchor on site — something to do with the work until her shift. Map merchant ships better look bigger trip, for example, travel, vacation. Small trips and hikes, for example, a trip to the country, it is better to look at Rider.

Big alignment Lenormand knight's move The Knight (Rosseln) in the Big scenario

What are the moves of the horse? Moves horse show there is a tendency that give information on the direction of movement in the development of the situation, a desire, an intention, inherent anyone or anything or directions in the views, actions.

The Knight (rosseln) provides additional guidance on the state of the topic in the present moment. It looks like this: clockwise 2 cards up and one card to the right (or left) or two cards down and one card to the left (or right). Also on the sides card: card 2 to the right (or left) and one card face up (or down).

The horses can mean more, and events. You can watch them combine with each other. For example, if the lady is on the horse's heart and Kos, which means strong emotional suffering, painful experiences.

How to apply the moves horse? Those who are familiar with the game of chess, knows how to walk the figure – horse. It moves the same as in chess from interested Cards — Significator thoughts are drawn such "moves" as the horse moves in chess, and that card, which rode the horse of your mental — interpreted.

In the Great scenario, there is usually a sequence of Lenormand reading "horses": they are read in a clockwise direction. Ie the first "horse" you need to start reading the left of the map of interest — significator, the second of the "horse", which will be higher, etc. circular left to right. It turns out that if Desirable card will be in the 20th House, the "horses" of his cards will be lying in 26, 10, 3, 5, 14, 30, 35 and 33 homes, and they will point to the trend.

The last 4 card scenario 8x4 + 4, horses do not go, and they, too, do not go.

The relationship between significators in Greater scenario

Great balance of Lenormand Fortune Telling You can see there are Do significators (Man and Woman, Lady and the anchor, man and house, etc.) next, one horizontally, vertically or diagonally. If so, what cards are still in this line. All this will give additional information on the status.

Sometimes the cards "forms" are linked "horse", or parallel or chain houses. One or the other form of communication in any case say that between significators have a valid aspect, and our task is to establish his character.

If it is absolutely no connection between the cards is not, and even a chain of houses does not help, in some cases you can see a map on which both the significator go horse at the same time. It works very well, but unfortunately not in all cases the position of the alignment allows to apply this method.

Sometimes significators are arranged at a distance from each other that the horses from them fall next to each other and form a single line. For example, we look at the relationship Ladies anchor. The lady is in place Stork (17), and anchor in the building cross (36). Horse of the ladies gets to place 27, a horse from the Anchors — 28. See what cards fell on the site, join their values ​​and get a link between significators. However, this method should be careful, it is not tested enough.

If each of blanok makes two moves knight on the same card, then these horses can be seen in the relationship.

Forms 28 and 7 form two knights 22 and 13, 22 and 13 can be considered together, as the nature of the relationship between the 28 and 7.

Sometimes the significators go horse on the same card. Rather, it is what binds people in the present. It is also desirable to see what house is a horse. For example, if the house or the Mount Coffin, it could mean blocking power in the relationship, the lack of clarity.

When analyzing the environment Querent first of all pay attention to his thoughts. This card, the card lying on the head of women or men. We call it the head. Maps of the head often perceived as thought querent and the cards under your feet – the realities of the day, based on what the situation (base). Also, it may be events in a given time interval in which the person involved. These maps can show what the person is experiencing at the moment. That which he can influence which is a consequence of his actions, or desires. A map of the head can be perceived as external influence on a person over which he has no control.

In this case, the combination of watching everything, including horses, to head the cards that it forms with other cards. At the head is a man many thought, that's all they appear. At the end of watch house where the head hit the card. And further – chain houses. For example, if the parent card Querent Storks, which are in place of the Tree, then later watch tree where it fell, and in what environment is. There is not so much important is already house in which the tree itself as its environment and combinations. Thus, you can see the situation of health or life at the moment which is going or dreaming Querent change (Storks). Similarly, analysis of absolutely all of the remaining cards in the surroundings Querent.

Great balance of Lenormand Fortune Telling If the scenario examines relations between a man and a woman, the first thing you need to pay attention to – some men (if the alignment is done for women) card is closer to the 29 other male map maps. The closest would be a man, with whom there is or will be interaction. You need to look like their cards are in relation to each other — Do they look at each other, or to each other stood back. It is necessary to read the cards that lay between them. It may be the map, lying horizontally, vertically, or diagonally (do not forget the rule that you can not go with the lines). Then look "mirror", "conversation", "horses» — whether 28.Muzhchiny 29.Zhenschiny and community cards, point of contact, which unite them in a greater degree.

If the card is between 29 and 28 lie on the man's back-to-back women, it means they each of them goes his own way, each has its own interests (my husband – football, his wife – the card), that is. e. it is not necessarily an indicator of poor relations with one another, though it may be so, for understanding the need to study the alignment more. If letterhead man and woman looking at each other, it means striving to each other, understanding, etc. If one of the partners of the form laid down in the above scenario, the other — This may indicate that one of the partners is more emotional more sensitive to existing relationship, in addition, it can show more predominant (more dominant) partner. If the card Ladies closer than "knight's move" is another man's card, it is required to consider in more detail, because this man may be much more important than the one on which makes "knight's move».

For a detailed definition of relations in the scenario, use the value of the cards Lenormand hands, in love.

Also, the interpretation must take into account the alignment of the House. Let's say if the woman in the House of Stars — may indicate a woman with mediumnymi capabilities, or place, be held fateful meeting. Or Snake in the House of Hearts — indicates a betrayal of love, betrayal, mistress.

The maps can help to identify the man in the scenario and can designate people:

Great balance of Lenormand Fortune Telling Rider — young, athletic men;

House — can stand for a man or husband;

The clouds — ex-partner;

Spit — an inexperienced young man;

Broom — young single man;

Dog — each;

Heart — a man in love, beloved;

Lilies — lover, protector;

Fish — successful man;

Bear — a middle-aged man, father, head;

Snake — intelligent woman, opponent, means older women (mother-in-law, mother in law, a neighbor);

By the way, very often the Snake and Bear mistaken for parents;

The Fox — insidious, cunning man;

Mount — prevailing (dominant) frustrated man, the chief bad;

Bouquet — very pretty (dear) charming woman;

Child — child, this card can also show young mistress;

Tower — a selfish man, unpopular Chief;

Dog — a good-natured friend and, accordingly, a friend;

Owl — a married couple or two older women; Card Owls — This card is the number "2", so it is often treated as a telephone conversation between the two callers.

On the ranking and types of cards in the Great scenario Lenormand

Management — this is the strongest card in whose power is domination over layouts. It is the main responsible for all lying next card and can control them, changing their value, but the value does not change their neighbors and not subject cards (except Stork). In the scenario, be sure to pay attention to the control card, surrounded by the customer's card or area of ​​interest to him by other cards always read from it.

Control Card: Coffin, Scythe, Rats, Fish, Sun, Lily, Cross, Storks, Park, Heart Ring

On some control cards should be discussed separately:

Coffin — she has the power to change the value of the cards in the nearby worse weaken even such strong cards, the Sun – "Joy, with tears in his eyes».

Kos – It can completely change, both negative and positive situation. In contrast to Sepulchre — always a surprise.

Rats — in its power to change the value of adjacent cards, for better or worse, the card consumes future.

Cross – amplifies all cards that follow it. It dissolves and weakens the cards that are up to it, as if putting an end to all.

Stork – control, but subordinate, produces changes only under the influence of neighboring cards.

Sun – under any scenario, it softens the value "bad" cards, warms forecast, and always plays a decisive role in the scenario, especially in the positions of the present and the future.

The rest of the card — rulers led by neighboring maps more gently. Although, for example, such a favorable map of how the park can porukovodit some cards of his environment so that it can indicate dorukovoditsya before the wedding, and to indicate to the cemetery.

High Card – Group reading cards emphasis on it, it is always more important than others in reading, we rely on it, we start from it. Nearby card only help her to explain to us the event, taking place on it. It does not change its value, but does not change the value of the adjacent cards (except for the House and the Stars).

Senior Card: House, Clouds, Snake, Bouquet, Broom, ship, Fox – subordinates, and sometimes can drive the adjacent cards, Bear, clouds, stars, book, mountain, tree, dog.

An event map — a map indicating the event. In such scenario, the card you need to look first. For example, the letter even taken separately card show at the event, and clover for the event can not show.

Eventful Cards: The rider, ship, clouds, snake, Coffin, Bouquet, Kos, Broom, Tower, owls, stars , Storks, Stars – not always, Park, Fork, Rat, Heart, Letter, Lily — rare, Key, Fish, Cross.

The slave card — This card, which needs the support of the surrounding cards, so that you can better understand its value better. For example, Rider – by itself, this card indicates to the news (one value) and what character will carry the news, explain the card lying behind it.

Subordinate card: The rider, Clover, Wood Storks, Tower, Fork, Letter, Key, Baby, Moon, Anchor , Male, Female.

The background map — This map shows the background of the event. For example, in scenario one after the other are two maps – Rider and clouds. Rider – event Clouds — background.

Background Maps: Clover, clouds, Owls – It affects the adjacent cards, baby, fox, bear, stars, lily, book, stars, sun, moon, Anchor — can inhibit, stop adjacent cards.

Favors – This map, which is considered positive.

Positive Card: The rider, Clover, Ship, House Bouquet, baby, bear, Storks, Dog Park, Heart , Ring, Lily, Sun Key Fish, Anchor.

The unfavorable – a map on the value attributable to negative.

Negative cards: The clouds, snake, Coffin, Scythe, Broom, owls, fox, mountain, fork, Rats Cross .

Between negative and positive ranges Luna.

Neutral — means not negative and not the positive.

Neutral card: Tree, Star, Tower, Book, Writing, Male, Female.

Note: Some cards are in several groups, which means that they can act in this and in other capacities at the same time or in one capacity or another, depending on the issue and place in the scenario. Also remember that both favorable and unfavorable cards, even though they are established and considered, but depending on their environment and places can change its value with an index "on the contrary».

Category cards to help determine the amplitude of the event or issue:

Great balance of Lenormand Fortune Telling Maps stability, stagnation, worsening , slow development — Wood Anchor, House, Dog, Cross;

Maps and assistance, partnerships — Bear, Dog, Fish, Ring;

Cards stability – House, Dog;

Intuition — Stars, Moon Child;

Wisdom and Knowledge — Owls, Lilies, book;

In a sense point — The heart, moon, fish (very rare, mostly feelings zameshennye on benefits);

Map Traffic — The ship rider Storks Owls (rarely, mainly communication — phone, fax), Fork (on foot or in road transport, combined with the map "Owls» — the air, with the map "Ship» — a sea voyage);

Emotions — Clover, Bouquet, Heart, the Sun;

The temporality, short — Clover, Bouquet;

Competitors — Fox Snake;

Changes – The ship, Storks, Coffin;

OFFICIAL — Letter Ring Tower, Lily;

The fate of the rock — Stars, the Cross;

The chance and open the way — The key, Clover, Sun;

Uncertainty and Doubt — Fork, Owls;

The obstacles and problems — Mountain, Clouds, Cross, Kos;

The loss of any kind — Coffin, Scythe, Rat;

Cards contacts, communication — Rider, Owls, Park;

Cards Transportation – The ship rider, Coffin, Storks;

Cards money, investment, financial well-being – Fish, Bear.

Maps indicating the time

Clover=approximately one week

Cross=2-3 weeks

The moon=4 weeks

Fork=approximately 7 weeks

Park=3 months

Wood=about 1 year


=vesna Bouquet

The Sun Summer=

=clouds autumn



Clover shortens the time, that is if it is the time when the map — time is halved.

For example: tree=about 1 year, with about half clover=


Clover/early summer sun=

Clover/early winter Lilies=

Owl (Bird) — opposite Clover increases the time card twice.

If the Owls are at the map -That time interval should be increased by 2 times.

For example: The moon=4 weeks, with owls=8 weeks.

More details on the timing charts Lenormand seen on the page Time Lenormand, the value of cards.

Death in the Big scenario

Great balance of Lenormand Fortune Telling For death necessarily involved map tree. It must either be in the appropriate combination, or mirrors, or cling to the house of cards or a coffin or Anchor Cross with the Cross. More precisely, it all together. Tree Maps – Cross — Kos, clouds, coffin. And owls, rats, or a bouquet of lilies, stars, Anchor. Especially bad combination with the Cross Anchors when they are at the end of the alignment and the card form also at the end of the hand. For example, 29 or 28 in the house of Pisces or the moon. A cross and anchor reversed. Also involved appropriate home. Tree House, Cross Scythes, Houses, Coffin.
If the death of a loved brow, then a lot of cards, if not very close or familiar, it may be Spit — Wood — Cross diagonally from card blanks in the future.

An example scenario, where you can see a person's death:

Ring — Bouquet — Luna — Cross — Dog — Sun — Rats — Baby — Broom

Fish — Owls — Wood — Stars — Spit — Mountain — Clover — Rider — Tower

The Lady — Letter — Home — Ship — Fork — Book — Bear — Clouds — Key

Anchor — Maine — Snake — Coffin — Park & ​​mdash; Lilies — Storks — Heart — Fox

Writing — Wood — Cross

Cross — Stars — Ship — Coffin

If a person does not die with you, and you know it, you will surely Letter — Coffin or Letter — Cross. By the way, the map of stars in the scenario Lenormand always involved in the scenario of death. Map Mountain in a coffin in the presence of others, of course cards can directly specify the hill just above the coffin. Cross in the house House. Letter — Home — bad news from home. Near Owl Tree and the tree itself in the owls. Owls like mourning. Letter — Owls — Bouquet — about a woman. Here are all the cards are talking about the news from home about the woman's death. Vertical Dog — Spit — Fork — Park & ​​mdash; This employee bodies. Further vertical with the Book — Book — Mountain — Sun — inquiry, to find the truth and eliminate the mystery.

For the sake of curiosity, this situation is not done, lay it should be only when the client is really necessary to know in which channel will continue to develop its life and destiny.

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