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Original value "Universe" (Thoth Tarot)

Thoth Tarot - Universe - value

The basic meaning:

"Universe" - is the latest, most powerful and significant, and even the most beautiful (in my opinion) card in the deck Thoth Tarot. Its main value is the successful completion of the final implementation or anything. In terms of awareness - is to achieve its highest (actual) levels of awareness and perception. In material terms - it's only the successful completion of an earlier business started. In personal relationships - is coming to a full understanding, harmony, love and happiness.


"I did finally implemented his plan. It was not easy, but my the struggle was worth my effort, and now I'm completely satisfied with the achieved ".


Complete harmony in relationships and partner satisfaction; love for the partner; entirety by reference; sexual satisfaction; interchange of relations in various fields; very mature relationship.


The complete self-confidence in their abilities and capabilities; full self-sufficiency; the implementation and achievement of the planned; firmness and perseverance in carrying out their plans and achieve the objectives.

Jobs, Business:

Implementation of business ideas; very successful for businesses; substantial profits; a very successful performance of their job responsibilities; implementation of career plans; satisfaction with their work.

HEALTH: Extremely favorable dynamics of recovery; complete recovery; excellent state of health.


Well, you did it. Now you could wish for just a couple of things. First, keep it up! And secondly, do not stop there. There is no limit to perfection. And our every achievement, no matter how large and impressive as it is, is only an interim step on the way to new discoveries in the implementation of the nature of our limitless human potential!