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Original value "Two of Wands. Ownership" (Thoth Tarot)

Thoth Tarot - Two of Wands. Ownership - value

The basic meaning:

The original name of two wands "Property" sounds like "Dominion". And correctly translate it into Russian as "Domination". However, it is one of the few cases where the name of the license card in this deck almost did not correspond to its real value. In fact, this card indicates a moderate emotional stress, frustration and dissatisfactionQuerent against something and or someone in your life or yourself.


"I do not like I nedrvolen happening and angry".


The tension; mutual nitpicking and quarrels; attempts to influence one partner to another; aggression (rare); selfishness and neglect of a partner.


Irritability; aggressiveness (rare); a tendency to hasty actions; restlessness and lack of balance.

Jobs, Business

: Difficulties in the development and course of business; minor damages; quarrels with colleagues and superiors; tense working atmosphere.


The negative dynamics of the disease.


It is possible that something goes wrong deydeystvitelno and your nedovolsto and irritation are well founded. But we should not forget that the people around you, too, are individuals worthy of respect for his inner world. Mutual cooperation in the interests of his partner are always better than confrontation with him. Taking into account the rights and interests of others, in cooperation with them, you will achieve more than in the case of direct pressure and purely selfish approach.