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Original value "Two of Swords. World" (Thoth Tarot)

Thoth Tarot - Two of Swords. World - value

The basic meaning:

The feelings and the events reflected this card quite unambiguous and simple. It indicates the presence or arrival of a sense of peace and balance, or for a peaceful, satisfying our resolution of any problems or questions. card "World" always positive with respect to any order of divination by the Tarot cards.


"All fell into place, is in balance, and I have absolutely no worries ".


Complete harmony in the relationship and understanding between the partners; the absolute trust of the partner; honest and caring relationships; the friendship between the partners.


The complete inner harmony and a feeling of peace; steadiness; patience; non-conflict; honesty and integrity; the successful completion of something that brings a sense of complete satisfaction and peace.

Jobs, Business:

moderately positive for the business; small profit; satisfaction with current job; calm and comfortable atmosphere in the team; the successful completion of any project that brings a sense of satisfaction and peace.


A good positive dynamics of recovery; full recovery.

Recommendations: Perhaps this is the only card in the deck, on which I can not recommend to you. Peace and balance that you already have, it is the feelings under which our awareness of the current reaches its maximum. Now you can decide what you do next.