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Original value "Three cups. Wealth" (Thoth Tarot)

Thoth Tarot - Three cups. Wealth - value

The basic meaning:

the General, the value of this card is very similar to the previous two cards suit of Cups: "Ace of Cups"and"Love". However, in the case of "Abundance" to the feelings of love and kindness added material component, which, perhaps, can be called "fruitfulness", and a certain quality of dynamic development. This card is positive with respect to all topics on the Tarot divination.


"I love and I'm safe. I'm sure (a) in that it reliably and steadily growing. "


The mature relationship based on love, kindness and mutual concern; close friendship; love of one partner to another and care about it; conscientious partnership; trust in one partner to another.


Honesty; honesty; kindness; reliability and stability; a satisfaction; full acceptance of yourself; the realization of their potential. Negative qualities can be narcissistic and even narcissism.

Jobs, Business:

A stable current situation and business development; good profit; fruitful and honest partnership; job satisfaction; excellent relations in the team; the successful implementation of a project.


It is a good positive dynamics of recovery; full recovery.


Just do not forget about the value of what you have. Generally, people really understand it, but when they lose what they have. Try not to fall into this trap and take care of what you have. Often look at the life of those around you, not to forget, what, like you in this world is not common.