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Original value "Tower" (Thoth Tarot)

Thoth Tarot - Tower - value

The basic meaning:

"Complete destruction of the old, giving place to the new." In this expression lies the main value of the card. This destruction can be total and touch you on a very deep level. In this sense, the card of "Tower" is identical in meaning card "Death" and they reflect both the destruction of anything can lead to both positive and negative consequences . Many times I came across the fact that the destruction of any of our old or negative views, ideas or attitudes that prevent us from being free, happy and effective. However, this is not always the case. Often it is collapsing that we hold dear, what we value, that have built or are trying to do. So, this card, though, most negative, ie, most often refers to an undesirable turn of events. Very hard card, be very careful with it.


"It is completely destroyed and can not be restored. Now I am confused and do not know where it leads and what I do, but I hope that soon the situation will become clearer on the horizon glimmer new dawn ".


A strong disagreement; scandal; extremely tense situation in the relations; aggression towards the partner; physical violence in the relationship; complete rupture of relations; strong disappointment in a partner; did not meet expectations.


Complete destruction of old views or changing circumstances; rigid termination of a life cycle; Sudden heavy news; great disappointment in something; tough depression with suicidal tendencies; death.

Jobs, Business:

Complete destruction of the structure of the business; bankruptcy; collapse; large financial losses; dismissal from office; a serious failure in the performance of their job responsibilities or the implementation of a project.


The extreme exacerbation of the disease; severe crisis; death.


You will certainly be very difficult. Perhaps collapsed something than you have lived for many years, what their future or hope. However, no matter how hard it was to lose what we have, life goes on. You can always pull myself together and start all over again. The world is huge. Instead of one person will be different, instead of a single case, you'll find yourself more. Now you have gained some important experience and is no longer "Presentinpita bread the same mistake." And starting from scratch, this time should be able to "do all beautifully," again firmly standing on their feet.