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Original value "Three of Wands. Goodness" (Thoth Tarot)

Thoth Tarot - Three of Wands. Goodness - value

The basic meaning:

"Virtue" - a card of fair, accurate and faithful execution of their duties. These qualities may relate to action in various areas: to implement any case, conduct of business, child care, relationships with partners, etc. Also in the basic meaning of this card reflects the creative and vigorous development in any area. This card is positive with respect to all topics on the Tarot divination.

THESIS:"I do not tolerate infidelity and remains true (oh) his work, words and promises. If I start something, I am sure to bring to the end and do it as best as I can ".


Love; faithful partner; harmonious development and the state of relations; decency and honesty in relation to the partner.


Integrity; honesty; compulsion; perseverance; commitment; neatness; devotion and loyalty; openness and ability to communicate.

Jobs, Business:

The order of affairs; orderly conduct of business; reasonable profit; conscientious fulfillment of their job duties; job satisfaction.


A good positive dynamics of recovery.


You just have nothing more to wish for, as the most important thing you already have. Loyalty and diligent approach to everything, whatever we did, this is the main condition for success. Keep it up! And good luck to you all!