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Original value "Three swords. Mourning" (Thoth Tarot)

Thoth Tarot - Three swords. Mourning - value

The basic meaning:

Hard Card. It is not just "sad" (translated as another "sorrow"), an active conflict and sluggish, and seething anger and feelings of irritation. Most card is the conflict in the tripartite relationship that is active, suffer human jealousy. card "Sorrow" always negative for all the divination by the Tarot cards.


"How you could change me! I've never forgive you, and you will regret that dared to it ".


The tension in the tripartite relations; strong jealousy of one partner to another; quarrel or conflict in relationships; infidelity of one of the partners; aggressive behavior of one of the partners; physical violence (rare).


Irritability and conflict; a strong sense of dissatisfaction or any situation; unbalance; aggression and temper.

Jobs, Business:

It is unfortunate for the development or business; substantial losses; collapse; force majeure; conflict with business partners or colleagues; extremely tense and unhealthy atmosphere in the team.


It is the negative dynamics of the disease; serious deterioration of health; death.


Such feelings like jealousy, revenge, anger and irritation destroy not only those against whom they are directed, and especially those who generate and support . Becomes the driving force of our behavior and our constant emotional background, they really strongly destroy our body and pushing us to the destructive, no doubt unwise actions that eventually boomerang always hurt ourselves, often causing irreparable damage.

The Christian idea of ​​forgiveness, no doubt, has a deeper meaning. Continuing the endless chain of resentment and revenge, we are continuing the eternal evil, stop that can not nobody but ourselves. Unconditional kindness and love - it's not just words. And while each of us understands that changing the world begins with his little forgiveness, evil will come back again and again over the centuries by killing them and not allowing these major driving forces really make a difference.