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Original value "The Hierophant" (Thoth Tarot)

Thoth Tarot - The Hierophant - value

The basic meaning:

The word "Hierophant" means "wise man", so that this card is the wisdom, knowledge and understanding. It may mean that you have come or will come to any real wisdom and realize that something really important. So it may indicate wise or knowledgeable person with whom you have already met, or you have to do it. This card is also related to the possession of magical powers, pointing to the fact that you come to him, or meet with the person possessing them.


"I know a lot and I understand, and I have the wisdom to resolve many situations and to help their fellow man. But I am wise enough to use their knowledge and their awareness not only for others but also for the good of them? "


The card quite often personalized, pointing to a man who has the wisdom, knowledge, and sometimes even magical powers.


card harmony and understanding in the relationship. Respect and acceptance of a partner; common interests; Intellectual intimacy.


The high soundness; possession of knowledge and considerable intellectual potential; wisdom and experience; leadership skills; learning and flexibility.

Jobs, Business:

Good planning; understanding of the current situation; the successful management and business development; effective performance of their professional duties; good profit.


moderately positive dynamics of recovery.


You really wise, capable of much and know a lot . Try these their own, without a doubt, significant resources not only for selfish purposes, but also for the benefit of others. The more we give, the more you get. Believe me, you are wise enough to you, and in this case it was more than enough.