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Original value "Ten of Wands. Suppression" (Thoth Tarot)

Thoth Tarot - Ten of Wands. Suppression - value

The basic meaning:

the General, this card reflects the clash with the very serious obstacles in the fact that you are going to do, or already doing. She points to the fact that you will almost certainly not be able to pass something, and someone or something external is very tough overwhelm you in the process of moving toward the goal. In the case of criminal developments "Suppression" almost certainly means prison or hard clash with the police.

The second version of its core values ​​is a strong internal conflict, expressed in the destructive actions of moral and emotional self-suppression associated with self-blame, his inability to take a particular difficult situation or strong disappointment in anything or anyone else.

Be very careful - this card is very negative with respect all topics Tarot divination and recommended to pass only in the event of a complete absence of any alternatives for your actions (see. alignment "Select").


"This is clearly stronger than me. It inhibits me, and I can not oppose this. I really difficult".


A strong suppression of the other partner may with the use of physical violence; totally unequal relations; aggression against the partner; rupture of relations; strong disagreement; scandal.


A strong depression, often with suicidal tendencies; depression; encounter with law enforcement authorities; Prison; violent conflict with someone else, often with the use of physical violence.

Jobs, Business:

The collapse; tough completion of the business; force majeure; substantial losses; conflict at work with elements of suppression by colleagues or superiors; failure, failure in the execution of any project or assignment; very hard working environment.


It is the negative dynamics of the disease; death.


When it comes to the beginning of any action or involvement in any project and you have the slightest opportunity to avoid this, then my advice to you - do not get involved in this matter. The consequences here for you can be quite irreparable.

If someone has to have a strong physical or moral pressure, and you put down, the fight, and if there is a possibility - break off a relationship with that person. We need to understand that people are changing very rare and extremely slow, and we have almost no way we can influence the process or speed it up. We simply do not have the necessary resources to change the other and this daunting task, we can not afford. So do not waste the precious time of their lives, hoping that he or she will change and everything will be fine.

If you are depressed and for whatever reason, are depressed, do your best to get out of there . Destroys himself, tending to death - quite meaningless. You need to live in your life will be much more interesting and exciting. Just now, your consciousness is under the overwhelming influence of strong negative feelings that their quality full colors and causes your view of yourself and the world around. This feeling, no doubt, will leave, and we can contribute to this, often smiling and watching the direction and content of their thinking, driving away negative thoughts and replacing them with positive affirmations. Believe me, your life is still sparkle with bright colors and there will be many more happy days.