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Original value "Ten of Swords. Crash" (Thoth Tarot)

Thoth Tarot - Ten of Swords. Crash - value

The basic meaning:

This is a card of the psychosis, almost madness (and perhaps himself). Of course, everything depends on the temperament and the amount of energy a person, but "Crash" in any case reflects a very tough emotional instability, supported by extremely negative thinking. According to the degree of rigidity reflected her negative emotions, this card is in second place in the Thoth Tarot deck, a few second only to "Lust". card "Crash" extremely negative for all the divination by the Tarot cards, and very rarely can be recommended to the aisle.


"I feel like I'm going crazy. That to me is clearly a chur, and I just can not stand it".


Very strong quarrel (possibly with the use of physical violence); scandal; rupture of relations; mutual hatred, or hatred of one partner to another; the extreme aversion to the partner.


A very strong emotional breakdown; psychosis; raving madness (rare); extreme emotional instability and lack of restraint of conduct; aggressiveness and propensity for cruelty and violence.

Jobs, Business:

It is a negative development and for business; substantial losses; bankruptcy; collapse; force majeure; scandal at work; dismissal; extremely negative attitude to their work duties; complete failure to perform any task or in any activity.


It is the negative dynamics of the disease; a sharp deterioration in health; death.


I understand that emotions, like yours, is very difficult to control. But try to understand that emotional outbursts take place, and that now seems irreversible, will look for you in another way. The destruction of themselves and those who are now close to you, is not a manifestation of your power, and without a doubt, a manifestation of your weakness. You as well as I know that people have experienced and not so without succumbing to the emotions, keeping control and remaining people. The man has the strength to overcome any difficulties and continue to live in harmony with yourself and others. I know you can overcome this crisis while maintaining a prudent and stay.