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Original value "Ten discs. Wealth" (Thoth Tarot)

Thoth Tarot - Ten discs. Wealth - value

The basic meaning:

This card has two meanings. First and foremost - it is clean money. They may have come or may come to bother you, being on your mind. In any case, is in place in the balance, this card will reflect it blocked. The second meaning of "Fortune" is a pleasant communication. If you are going to meet with someone (or this meeting will be random), your communication will be pleasant enough, and perhaps fruitful.


"I got quite a good amount of money. Now we need to think about where they spend ".


mercantile interests; materialist approach to the relationship; pleasant communication (quite rare).


Getting a large sum of money; materialistic approach to life; concern about financial matters; pregnancy (rarely).

Jobs, Business:

Perfect for business and development; substantial profits; or the award of financial compensation; high-paying job.


moderately positive dynamics of recovery; some improvement of health.


You've got some money. I congratulate you on this, but I want to remind you that "the money through love." Try to make it so that they would not "have flowed through his fingers," and spend them to good use.