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Original value "Ten cups. Saturation" (Thoth Tarot)

Thoth Tarot - Ten cups. Saturation - value

The basic meaning:

The name of this card is also translated as "satiety" or "satiety". The last of these words most accurately reflects the main characteristic Dozens Cup. This card is undoubtedly negative for all the divination by the Tarot, but the negative in most cases, is modest. Freshness feelings are gone, we need something or someone already tired or just starting to annoy, causing different in intensity sensation of irritation and emotional fatigue.


"I'm really tired of it. I'm sick of it, and it irritates me. It seems that it is time to finish with this".


The emotional fatigue of communication with a partner; satiety partner; some tension and irritability in communication with a partner; dissatisfaction with the actions of a partner; arrogance against a partner.


The emotional fatigue and satiety than ever; irritability; moodiness and unwillingness to bring the follow through; restlessness; arrogance.

Jobs, Business:

moderately negative for the business; moderate losses; surfeit of employment in any activity; unwillingness to continue to work on the current position or a certain company; tense atmosphere in the team.


Average negative dynamics of the disease.


From the frequent or excessive use chego either or any of our feelings about the object tend to exhaustion. However, it may still not too far gone, and the former fresh feeling may return. Try to remember the feeling of measures to reduce the intensity of the interaction, and then, perhaps, there is still a chance that pushed freshness and interest to you has come back. Several years ago, on this subject I wrote an article "be available", which can help you a deeper understanding of what is happening and try to change the current state of things (I apologize in advance for the fact that it may seem to some of you are too special).