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Original value "Sun" (Thoth Tarot)

Thoth Tarot - Sun - value

The basic meaning:

The card "Sun" is one of three Major Arcana (except for "Lust" and " Devil "), my interpretation is almost completely contrary to the interpretations of A. Crowley and Mr. Ziegler. Let this fact on the conscience of the above meters and will continue, based on my many years of practical experience. This card is in its significance is very similar to the above-mentioned card "lust", with the only difference that it reflected the emotional release of energy is less intense. Depicted in the "Sun" flash very accurately reflects the basic values ​​of the cards: a strong emotional breakdown, psychosis, failure, various problems and quarrels. Long-term results of my layouts leave no doubt that this card is always negative. Although it is completely contrary to the generally accepted interpretation of it, I am quite responsible for a similar approach to its interpretation.


"It brought me completely off balance. I am in despair, I do not know what to do now ".


The quarrel; scandal; strong tensions; large differences with a partner; anger and wrath against the partner; rupture of relations.


A strong emotional incontinence; psychosis; emotional breakdown; extreme dissatisfaction with the current situation.

Jobs, Business:

The big problems in doing business; serious losses; collapse; extreme tensions with partners; scandal at work; extreme dissatisfaction with current job.


The strong worsening of the disease; extremely negative dynamics of the disease; death.


You are very nervous, and you probably can understand. What has happened, or is happening, really unpleasant or sad. However, all of us, no matter what you need to continue to live and to resolve their current, even very unpleasant problems. Our heavy feelings are killing us not only physically. Being in their power, we lose the opportunity to adequately assess the current situation and, accordingly, the possibility of effective action that could lead to its favorable resolution for us. What happened, in order not to change, but our future is still in our hands. Try to calm down, think about the good, smile and you will see that you still have the opportunity to be happy (th).