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Original value "Star" (Thoth Tarot)

Thoth Tarot - Star - value

The basic meaning:

"Star" is one of the most positive card deck. Its value is in many ways similar to the card "The Fool." And although in contrast to the "Jester" in the reflective qualities it is not irresponsible, excessive lightness of the phenomena to which it points out is not always conducive to the actual materialization of the expectations. This card is good mood, hope and happiness, spiritual fulfillment and success. "Star" is always positive, but do not expect too much from it. Of course, the good mood and happiness may be the result of success in material affairs and the real achievement of the objectives, but if this card is to look a little further into the future (see. The balance of the "Select") or to wait for the actual results. It is possible that the "Star" indicates only the euphoria of anticipation and hope, which are not destined to be justified.


"I'm so happy (a), because I am in their cherished goal, and nothing can stop me to reach it. I'm full of (a) the brightest hopes and plans for the future, which undoubtedly come true."


Love; euphoria of the relationship with the partner; admiration partner; sexual satisfaction; mutual understanding and concern for the partner; harmony and exchange in various areas of the relationship; friendship and mutual understanding.


Easy; openness and credulity; selflessness; kindness; high spirituality; insufficiently materialistic approach to life; daydreaming; optimism.

Jobs, Business:

High hopes and expectations of the business or a new job; good operating margins and the successful development of the business; the successful execution of their job responsibilities; the joy and pleasure of the work performed; Work on "his" spot, or follow his own vocation.


Excellent positive dynamics of recovery; full recovery.


If you have expected really happened, then your happiness can only envy. Enjoy it, you deserve it. But if what you are expecting to happen "any day now", then do not rush to fall into euphoria, and in any case does not loosen its control over what's happening. Our confidence in the inevitability of something is often deceptive. And the importance of the expected and our dreams of owning them even more dazzle us. "Do not say" ho "before they are hatched," - used to say to me by my Father, and no doubt he was right.