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Original value "Six of Wands. Victory" (Thoth Tarot)

Thoth Tarot - Six of Wands. Victory - value

The basic meaning:

"Victory" is a chart success in whatever it may be. This can be our victory over an intrapersonal, success in any business, harmonious relationship with a partner, the successful admission or graduation, a victory over anyone, etc. The card is always positive with respect to all topics on the Tarot divination.


"I made (a) it is believed (a) a happy and now ( a) ".


Harmony in relationships; trust your partner; caring for each other; "Conquest" of the other partner; happiness in relationships.


Self-confidence and optimism; self-sufficiency; courage; kindness; achievement or successful completion of anything; success in overcoming any internal complex or fear; victory in anything or anyone above.

Jobs, Business:

It is very successful for development or business; substantial profits; the rise of a new stage of the career ladder; progress in employment; the successful completion of a project or undertaking.


It is a good positive dynamics of recovery; full recovery.


Well, you are to be congratulated - you really did it. Now, we must not forget that modesty and humility adorn us, continuing to go on without arrogance and "star disease". Ahead of you have many more victories, and each of them - a step to new heights. Never have to stop there, continuing its infinite development.