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Original value "Six of Swords. Science" (Thoth Tarot)

Thoth Tarot - Six of Swords. Science - value

The basic meaning:

This is a card of pure almost bezemotsinalnogo understand anything and good structural organization. "Science" reflects the high level of the order, in any area of ​​our lives, and in our personal organization. This card is moderately positive with regard to all the topics on the Tarot divination.


"I have everything in place and in order. I understand what is happening and know what I do with all this ".


Based on some calculation of the relationship; mercantile interests; prudent action in relation to a partner; the absence of any real expression of feelings to a partner.


"Cold" intelligence and prudence; steadiness; capacity for logical thinking and analytical skills; weak manifestations of emotion.

Jobs, Business:

A good structural organization of business; excellent understanding of how the goals and objectives of any business or activities and ways to achieve them; stable for businesses; reasonable profit; expertise in areas related to the exact calculations and knowledge (accounting operations, programming, etc.).


The slight improvement; the absence of any dynamics.


Understanding and reasonable prudence - is undoubtedly beautiful and very important for our quality. However, no less important part of human nature is our emotional sphere. It brings a sense of our lives feeling of fullness and happiness. Do not short in his prudent, rational world. Try to understand what it means to open their attention outwards and hold it in a state of openness, does not analyze. Having learned this, you add to your life is something that will paint a black-and-white footage of your rationality and calculation in the beautiful colored fabric, to whom rest Renoir).