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Original value "Six cups. Pleasure" (Thoth Tarot)

Thoth Tarot - Six cups. Pleasure - value

The basic meaning:

This card in importance in many respects similar to the last card suit of Cups "Luxury". However, l reflected its quality is absolutely no characteristics such as kindness, honesty and decency. However, unlike the "Abundance" is much more intensively manifested aspect of sexual desire and sexual satisfaction.


"I get great pleasure from having sex with you. I do not know how this will end, but all I need is you".


A strong libido and sexual satisfaction in a relationship; mercantile interests; mature and stable relationship; confidence in the financial viability of the partner.


The sexual concern or increased sexuality; materialistic approach to life; High steadiness; self-confidence; the capacity for independent action and decisions.

Jobs, Business:

A successful course and business development; substantial profits; paid jobs; job satisfaction; stable position in office.


A stable positive dynamics of recovery.


Once upon a time, studying in the tenth class, one clever book on sex education, I read the following sentence: "The sexual life is, of course, not all, of what constitutes family life, men and women, but if it is wrong, then nothing in the order can not be." And having lived is now forty-five years, I have repeatedly convinced that this statement is very close to the truth. The pleasure derived from sex people, often turns into an obsession, for which they are willing to sacrifice everything. However, it is clear that, despite the real importance of this part of our relationship, the role of sex in today's society is very much exaggerated. In the end, because we are not allowed to forget for the physical pleasure of the rest. Traditional family values, our responsibility to our children, wives and husbands are incomparably more important than the demands of our lustful nature. Sated with new partners as surely as old. So think twice before "throwing in the pool with his head," destroying built over the years and making unhappy people with whom you have shared many years of successes and failures. No doubt it is not worth it.