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Original value "Seven Swords. Futility" (Thoth Tarot)

Thoth Tarot - Seven Swords. Futility - value

The basic meaning:

In most cases, this card reflects the presence of a human sense of futility, strong pessimism, causing a feeling of meaninglessness application any effort and taking any action. Faith in your abilities completely absent, and the successful implementation in any sphere of life or activity seems completely impossible.


"All my attempts to do anything and efforts to achieve something completely useless. I did what can not, and I do not work ".


The disappointment of one partner in the other; feeling of unworthiness and the futility of trying to maintain or build a relationship with someone; complete cooling feelings between partners; feeling of meaninglessness continue an ongoing relationship.


The sense of our own unworthiness and inability to succeed in anything; extreme pessimism and lack of faith in their own strength; depressed, depression; lingering mental disorders (rare).

Jobs, Business:

The total lack of confidence in the success of any business or their abilities in any activity; very unfortunate for business; substantial losses; collapse; bankruptcy; dismissal; feeling of meaninglessness continue at the current position or in any field.


The serious deterioration of health; strongly negative dynamics of the disease; death (rare).


Your current mood, causing the direction and content of thinking tells you that you do not deserve, are not able to achieve anything, and so on. d. etc. Of course, these feelings are not easy to overcome, but if you continue to just sit there and whine, feeling sorry for yourself, it may lead to nothing, and nothing will ever change. Try to collect his thoughts, how to weigh and decide whether you will continue to try to act in the chosen direction. Just take for himself the final decision, "Do you get involved in this battle." If the decision is positive, then smile and do everything possible to achieve success without departing before any difficulties. If your decision is negative, then just leave it and look in any other direction.

In the life of each one of us has an infinite amount of what we need to do. Going forward, we need to urgently "raise the bar higher and higher", trying hard and making the best of what we can do. Moving in this way, we are able to virtually unlimited development and always open to afford such resources and opportunities that did not even know.