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Original value "Seven of Wands. Prowess" (Thoth Tarot)

Thoth Tarot - Seven of Wands. Prowess - value

The basic meaning:

Seven of Wandsin, in most cases, is a card of successful operations or development. Often, however, it refers to such acts, or areas of human activity that are unconventional in terms of modern social conditioning. So often these classes are not approved by the people around us. However, the card of "Valor" really positive and points to the fact that these actions are likely to face in order to take them, and, most likely, in so doing you achieve success...


"I do not care what you think about it, and I still do as it sees fit. It's my life, and myself (a) know what to do and what to do ".


Harmony in relationships; mutual respect of our partners; satisfaction with the relationship with the partner; active development of relations; sexual satisfaction partner.


Self-sufficiency and the ability to act independently and decisions; determination; courage; kindness and decency; independent line of conduct; activity and energy.

Jobs, Business:

Occupation non-traditional business; unexpected and bold decisions; active development and for business; good profit; job satisfaction; active work.


A good positive dynamics of recovery; full recovery.


Each person has to be "his own head on his shoulders." Continuing to follow the others, looking back on their approval or disapproval, then gradually become part of the gray mass, suppress their individuality. Do not be afraid and go their own way. It is showing independence and following his own head and heart, we can achieve the maximum, which are capable of, and the success that deserve!