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Original value "Seven discs. Defeat" (Thoth Tarot)

Thoth Tarot - Seven discs. Defeat - value

The basic meaning:

This is without doubt the worst card in the deck. The failure has been or will be an all-out, creating the most difficult feelings, from all available in your emotional range. "defeat" - one of the few cards in the deck that are not recommended to pass even in the case where the further development of future events fall any good cards.


"This is a disaster. It is very difficult, and I just do not know how to survive it".


The severance of relations; strong quarrel or scandal (possibly with the use of physical violence), a strong dislike or hatred of one partner to another; full consciousness of the senselessness of continuing relationships or their own inability to establish or maintain.


A serious failure in anything; severe depression; a strong sense of their own unworthiness and inability to something to do or accomplish something; extreme pessimism; various mental disorders (rare).

Jobs, Business:

A complete failure in any business or activity; huge losses; bankruptcy; collapse; force majeure; a serious failure on the job; failure to fulfill their job responsibilities; dismissal from work.


It is the negative dynamics of the disease; death.


People who are in your situation and experiencing feelings such as you, it is very difficult to give advice, but I'll try. Any experienced by us, the feelings tend to exhaustion. So that your serious condition will inevitably take place. But while it lasts, not to withdraw into themselves and try to distract on something: go to nature, to the cinema or in a cafe with friends. Try to drive away from yourself negative thoughts and think that everything in the end result will be adjusted. And most importantly - try to smile more often, even through tears, even deceiving themselves. By doing so you will accelerate your way out of the doldrums, which are.