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Original value "Regulation" (Thoth Tarot)

Thoth Tarot - Regulation - value

The basic meaning:

This card balance, which has been or will be reached. If it points to the future, it may indirectly indicate that the balance is not present, that is not adjusted. Equilibrium, reflected this card can be treated as emotional states, and various types of material affairs and business. Always positive card.


"I am calm, balanced and confident. Everything is in place and is quite stable".


Harmony; understanding; respect for your partner; friendship; confidence; smooth feeling in the relationship.


The serenity; orderliness; materialistic approach to life; ability to plan and order in the affairs of punctuality and accuracy in solving various situations in life.

Jobs, Business:

Stable for business; good planning and management of work processes; good profit; faithful and accurate fulfillment of their job duties; stable position in office.


moderately positive dynamics of recovery.


The balance is reached, all in their places . It's hard to imagine anything better than this. However, in addition to maintaining this balance you should not forget about the further development. The world is still much that can interest you and expand your horizons of knowledge. The meaning of life development and change. Do not stop there, because in front of you are waiting for new heights.