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Original value "Queen of Wands" (Thoth Tarot)

Thoth Tarot - Queen of Wands - value

The basic meaning:

Having a high energy potential; activity; passion; excitement. As well as "The Prince of Wands", the card can mean spirited and controlled dynamics of development in any direction.


"I have a lot of strength, and I capable of many things. I am confident in myself and do what I want. "


The card quite often personalized and points to a woman with high energy potential and the level of activity.


The active development of relations; passion; partner satisfaction. Sometimes the card indicates the minor contradictions and quarrels light.


Energetic; activity; great enthusiasm; high interest and active investigation; courage and self-confidence. Negative characteristics can be impulsive, hasty decision-making, some emotional incontinence, problems with patience and started bringing to the end.

Jobs, Business:

The active business development and promotion of the career ladder (sometimes with overcoming minor difficulties); determination in achieving goals; substantial profits.


A significant deterioration.


You are full of energy, self-confidence and are really able to lot. However, it is not necessary "to break through the wall." To succeed, you need self-control, flexibility, softness in the relationship with others and more cunning. Combining these qualities with its energy resources, you will surely succeed.