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Original value "Queen of Swords" (Thoth Tarot)

Thoth Tarot - Queen of Swords - value

The basic meaning:

The main value of the card - break through the old stereotypical attitudes and behaviors. Although a major change attitudes and behaviors is often a positive development, the negative aspects of the cards can be a loss of control and excessive impulsiveness.


"I broke out of the shackles, which did not allow me to be free and do what I want. Now nothing can stop me, I'm strong and free. "


The card often is personalized and indicates a woman who overcame the power of any old patterns of behavior, free from any attachments or constraining freedom of its effects (including the part of the other person).


Going beyond the usual framework of relations; changing feelings for the partner; Depending on the termination of a partner; quarrels and possible rupture of relations.


Love of freedom; unwillingness to obey; abrupt change of views and feelings; search for something new and interesting. Negative characteristics can be instability, intolerance, hasty conclusions and in the assessments.

Jobs, Business:

The moderate income; the discovery of new ways of development; exemption from restrictive obligations to partners and superiors; the rise of a new stage of the career ladder.


The gradual recovery.


Your new freedom - rather all wonderful achievement and a chance for new development and achievements. But do not forget that it does not mean permissiveness. You are still surrounded by people with whom relations may be important to you and useful. Remember self-control, do not make hasty conclusions and just do not burn bridges. Pause, first think about doing well and how to weigh them.