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Original value "Queen of Cups" (Thoth Tarot)

Thoth Tarot - Queen of Cups - value

The basic meaning:

This card is a "clean" ambiguities. All the dull, the Queen herself is almost impossible to discern. This is also the kind of situation pointed to the card. Did not really clear, the outcome is not defined, the current action is not clear. "Suspended" situation and uncertain future.


"I do not understand and do not know how to resolve this situation and what to do. All the options seem to be unreliable, and I'm worried. "


The card never personalized.


The lack of clarity of the current state or the development of relations; uncertainty in partner; a difficult period of uncertainty in relations; doubts as to whether they should continue; "Cooling" to the partner.


The passivity; inert and incapable of independent action and decisions; diffidence with mild depressive states; apathy; wait until you "open up" and appreciate.

Jobs, Business:

The period of stagnation and uncertain prospects for development; minor damages; absolutely hated working with uncertain prospects; stop moving up the career ladder.


The transition to a chronic form of the disease; absence of any dynamics of the disease; some deterioration.


Although the situation of complete uncertainty is often best to wait until things clear up by itself, however, you need to constantly look for ways out of the crisis be ready to take decisive action and change. Remember that "a rolling stone gathers no moss".