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Original value "The Princess of Swords" (Thoth Tarot)

Thoth Tarot - The Princess of Swords - value

The basic meaning:

Always negative card scandal and quarrels. She points to the conflict in intensity depending on the energy qualities and character traits of people participating in it.


"I will not have it, and you regret that decided on this. I have enough power to take revenge and to hurt you. "


The card never personalized.


The quarrels and scandals, mutual accusations, mistrust and lack of understanding, desire for revenge, fear and lack of confidence in a partner.


imbalance, conflict, and sometimes and aggressiveness. Tendency to clarify relationships, insecurity and revenge.

Jobs, Business:

Significant losses, conflicts with partners and employers.


The serious worsening of the disease or death.


Keep yourself in their hands. Your behavior and uncontrolled desire for revenge, likely to harm, and yourself. Violence and strife - this is the worst option for resolving disputes.