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Original value "Princess Discs" (Thoth Tarot)

Thoth Tarot - Princess Discs - value

The basic meaning:

This is a card-building. In fact, what it indicates there is a good, but not yet realized the potential, and most of the material. Also, it can indicate pregnancy.


"You have the option (s) of, and probably quite significant. In your power to bring them to life. But do not forget that you must always realize the potential of the application of effort and, often, considerable. "


The card never personalized.


Start by having a good potential for development of relations; respect and trust your partner.


Owning development potential in any field, learning and development, openness, honesty, reliability, materialism. Negative characteristics can be laziness, passivity and lack of initiative.

Jobs, Business:

The ability to successful business or career; favorable business proposal or a good open position; receive moderate profit.


A significant positive dynamics of recovery.


"Make every effort to implement its capacity life. Do not be lazy and do not recede before difficulties. Believe me - it's worth it. "