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Original value "Princess Cup" (Thoth Tarot)

Thoth Tarot - Princess Cup - value

The basic meaning:

This is a card of lightness and spring mood. Optimism; hope for the best; inspiration; kindness and compassion; free and easy behavior; the absence of fear and apprehension; marriage. Negative characteristics can be too much credulity; naiveté; revaluation of the positive qualities of a partner or situation.


"I hope for the best and will always be happy, because the world is so beautiful. Everything will be fine."


The card never personalized.


Love; love; the beginning of a serious relationship; marriage; lightheadedness; trust your partner; openness.


The naivete; lightheadedness; confidence in the people and their faith in the promise; optimism.

Jobs, Business:

steady but moderate growth; small profit; the credibility of the partners and co-workers; job satisfaction and hope for the best.


steady but gradual positive trend.


We live in a very complex world where very few people on it is really possible to rely and, especially, trust them their fate. Try as much as possible to control their own lives and resulting in her situation. Learn how to make their own decisions and be careful and cautious, always mindful of the fact that the appearance and words (even in the form of perpetual vows and promises) are often misleading.