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Original value "Prince Wands" (Thoth Tarot)

Thoth Tarot - Prince Wands - value

The basic meaning:

An active and dynamic progress towards its goal. Despite the high energy, the activity is controlled in the majority of cases and fruitful. However, in some cases there may be a loss of control, lack of restraint and excessive impulsiveness.


"I have a lot of strength and a lot to me on the shoulder. I feel the strength and is capable of much. "


The card can sometimes be personalized and point to the man with the above qualities.


Passion; libido; Strong communication and energy attraction to a partner; active and fruitful in most cases progress towards the common goal; joint active and energetic activity.


Energetic; initiative; optimism; determination; possession of sufficient resources to achieve the goal. Negative qualities can be some overestimation of their abilities, the excessive impulsiveness, incoherence and irresponsibility.

Jobs, Business:

The active dynamics of development; reasonable profit; rapid progress up the career ladder.


Strong exacerbation.


Do you really have significant resources. You are efficient and can achieve a lot. However, in today's world rarely works adage "Power is - do not mind." Monitor your behavior, do not rush and carefully calculate every move, then you certainly will succeed.