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Original value "Swords Prince" (Thoth Tarot)

Thoth Tarot - Swords Prince - value

The basic meaning:

The card indicating the inability to choose one or more alternatives. Also indicates indecision, lack of balance and a clear understanding of the situation.


"I do not know what to do. All the options seem equally unreliable, and I'm not sure I'll get the delivered result. It pisses me off balance. "


The card is personalized and indicates the nervous, insecure and prone to remorse and regret man .


The lack of understanding and patience; the absurdity and lack of restraint; instability and uncertainty in a partner.


Self-doubt, indecision, inability to communicate follow through, superficiality and lack of balance.

Jobs, Business:

The lack of clarity, lack of clear planning, indecision in the implementation of the planned small losses and differences with the partners.


moderately negative dynamics of the disease, inflammation.


Get together and bring their thoughts and feelings in order. Weigh the pros and cons and do not rush with the adoption of a final decision. However, if you accept it, then do not be distracted and bring their case to the end.