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Original value "Prince Discs" (Thoth Tarot)

Thoth Tarot - Prince Discs - value

The basic meaning:

The card advance to the set, most of the material, purpose. You work, make an effort and they bring tangible results. Your strength in this movement can overcome significant obstacles. However, do not be too complacent.


"In order to achieve something or consistently earn, we must try. I try, and I did it".


Quite often indicates a strong man, advancing to their financial goals.


Maturity, joint promotion to mutual financial goals, understanding.


Persistence, determination, perseverance, the ability to endure hardship, materialism, faithful to his ideas and partners. Negative characteristics can be inflexible conservatism and a reluctance to change anything.

Jobs, Business:

The work of the moderate remuneration, reasonable profit, the gradual development of a successful business.


The gradual but steady recovery dynamics.


"Keep moving in this direction, without reducing the effort."