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Original value "Prince of Cups" (Thoth Tarot)

Thoth Tarot - Prince of Cups - value

The basic meaning:

The pessimistic outlook on life; passive attitude to life; lack of initiative; the decline of the senses; lethargy; depression.


"I do not want to do anything, because all this is useless. Seeing no way out of this situation, I just give up. I do it tired, and I'm really tired of it. "


The card quite often personalized and indicates a man prone to pessimism, defeatism, not believing their strength and adrift.


Wilting senses; indifference; indifference to the partner; cooling period to each other; slight irritation and dissatisfaction with a partner; lack of sexual desire.


Lack of initiative; indifference; unwillingness to accept responsibility for their actions; movement of "downstream"; light depression; apathy.

Jobs, Business:

Stagnation in the business; the lack of new ideas; minor damages; disappointment in the work; lack of career opportunities.


The transition to a chronic form of the disease; moderately negative dynamics.


Get out of this swamp. You need to change something. You have to be masters of their destiny independently choosing the direction of their own lives. You can not just go with the flow depressed, expecting that things will get better. In most cases, such behavior and attitude towards life situation tends to worsen. The sooner you decide to change something and really get down to it, the better for you.