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Original value "Nine of Wands. Power" (Thoth Tarot)

Thoth Tarot - Nine of Wands. Power - value

The basic meaning:

You have come or will come to her "Force". You will come to you (or have already arrived) adequate resources and full confidence in regard to what you are doing. Very good card sense of their own strength, both generally and in some specific cases. Great condition for realizing their potential.Nine of Wandsis always positive with respect to all topics on the Tarot divination.


"I feel your strength and confidence in their abilities, and opportunities. I'm strong enough to overcome any obstacles, gets in my way ".


Harmony and completeness relations; the trust and confidence of the partner in his power; sexual satisfaction; mature relationship: mutual understanding.


The complete self-confidence; the capacity for independent action and decision-making; independence and self-sufficiency. Negative qualities may be selfishness, arrogance and penchant for violence.

Jobs, Business: A very successful development and course of business; stability; high profits; confident and successful execution of their job responsibilities; job satisfaction.


moderately positive dynamics of recovery.


The feeling of strength and self-confidence - it without a doubt, excellent quality and hard to reach. So the power you already have, you now need to try to get you not suffered the fate of many of the powerful. Unfortunately, the sense of their own power, or simply their good abilities in any area with concomitant self-confidence is very easy to turn into a feeling of entitlement and uniqueness to the limit strengthens our selfish manifestations. The latter, in turn, force us to completely forget about the existence of other people with their interests and concerns. Remember that the stronger we become, the more our responsibility to those around us, the more they need our care and support, the more impact we can have on the course of their lives. Try to constantly take care of that this influence was beneficial for them. Make your, albeit very small, contribution to the the human spirit. Believe me, it is now more important than it has ever been.