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Original value "Nine of Swords. Brutality" (Thoth Tarot)

Thoth Tarot - Nine of Swords. Brutality - value

The basic meaning:

You (at) regret that committed, or are about to commit. It was a harsh self-incrimination is a key reflection of this card. If it falls in the future, and you have not done that are going to do, do not do it. Do you really regret what he had done. Also, this card can mean the actual brutality against anyone. card "Cruelty" extremely negative for all the divination by the Tarot cards.


"I am very sorry, I did (a) it is. Oh, if I only knew (a), what would happen... ((("


The brutal behavior of a partner (possibly with the use of physical violence); deep regret about joining into a relationship with another man, repentance and self-blame in any action against a partner, a strong quarrel or scandal; rupture of relations.


A strong self-incrimination and deep remorse for anything; the propensity for violent and cruel acts; depression on a background of self-blame in anything.

Jobs, Business:

self-incrimination on the background of a serious miscalculation in business or activity carried out; or very negative for the development of business and significant losses, collapse, ruin; dismissal; violent behavior on the part of superiors or co-workers.


It is the negative dynamics of the disease; serious deterioration of health; death.


Whatever it was what you blame yourself, now it is history. Fill your life in the present moment the memory of the past, killing himself with heavy feelings of guilt and remorse - absolutely senseless, destructive not only yourself, but those around you. If you realize that you have committed a serious error, then try to fix it. If this is not possible, just learn from it and keep going on.