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Original value "Nine drive. Purchase" (Thoth Tarot)

Thoth Tarot - Nine drive. Purchase - value

The basic meaning:

While this card is in its title and the suit should be strictly material, however, A.Krouli tied her up with energy flows, which are a reflection of the major faithful friendship, honesty and stability. Of course the material aspect is reflected in the title of "Purchases", too, has not been forgotten, but it is reflected in the energy of this card a little less bright.


"I am really your friend. You can fully trust me, and I never let you down".


True friendship between the partners; full confidence in the partner; sincere and honest relationship.


Honesty and integrity; sincerity and kindness; loyalty; optimism; materialistic approach to life;

Jobs, Business:

A successful for businesses; good profit; satisfaction with current work or activity; good relationships with colleagues and superiors.


A good positive dynamics of recovery; a significant improvement in health.


The ability to be a true friend and the corresponding quality is a rare gift in our time. I hope that you will find those who will be able to share it.