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Original value "Nine of Cups. Happiness" (Thoth Tarot)

Thoth Tarot - Nine of Cups. Happiness - value

The basic meaning:

Our main feelings that reflect this card are happiness and inner peace derived from the full sense of their own security. This security can be the result of a long-awaited complete solution of financial problems, getting their own housing, absolute faith in the reliability and loyalty of your partner, etc. card "Happiness" is one of the best cards of the deck, and always very positive with respect to all subjects in the Tarot divination.


"I've been waiting for this security, and that it happened. My happiness is simply no limit".


The complete harmony relationship; love your partner and care for it; partner and enjoying the euphoria of communication with him; sexual satisfaction; a feeling of complete reliability of the partner; peace, happiness and security in the relationship.


The achievement of the long-awaited feeling of complete security, accompanied by a deep sense of peace and happiness; extremely optimistic attitude to life, accompanied by lack of caution and a critical attitude to what is happening; kindness and love for others; diligence; honesty, responsibility and integrity; any achievement, estimated as extremely high.

Jobs, Business:

The exceptionally successful development and for business; high profits; enjoyment of the work performed; significant progress up the career ladder; receiving a significant amount of money.


The exceptionally positive dynamics of recovery; full recovery.


Well, it happened, and you have come such securities for any person peace and happiness. However, remember that for an adequate assessment of what is happening to us and around us, we need a balanced view of the world, involving the implementation of both positive and negative scenarios. No need to "drown" all in blind optimism. Negative scenarios are always possible, and no security can not be absolute. Do not forget about it, and then it will be easier to maintain the happiness that you now have.