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Original value "Moon" (Thoth Tarot)

Thoth Tarot - Moon - value

The basic meaning:

The card shows a very difficult passage to the open space of clarity and success shown in the background. Such is the card of "Moon" - a complex card of passage. It is always negative, and the only thing that can vary in the context of its universal negative, is the extent or severity of the negative phenomena and qualities that it reflects. In addition to its core values ​​of "Moon" may indicate our strong obsession with the various fears associated with a variety of misgivings on the depression of varying severity, a variety of diseases, intrigue and dishonesty on the part of others, etc. It is particularly negative for women, which is not recommended to pass.


"I have a very bad feeling against this company and its current situation. I feel that can happen something irreparable terribly afraid of this and do not know how to get out of all this mess ".


A strong distrust and fear in relation to partner; insincere and false relations; difficult period in relations; inability to overcome the contradictions in the relationship; infidelity or cheating partner.


The tendency to melancholy and paranoia; difficult to overcome the period in life; intense fear and extreme uncertainty in their own abilities; severe depression, often with suicidal tendencies.

Jobs, Business:

It's hard traversed stage or period of business development; substantial losses; bankruptcy; "Dirty game" deception and fraud on the part of partners and competitors; the difficult situation in the working team; intrigue and deception on the part of co-workers; "Intrigues"; great difficulties in meeting their job responsibilities.

HEALTH: disease of varying severity; extremely negative dynamics of the disease; death.

Recommendations: For you, this is really a difficult period in the life of a soluble or difficult task. Try not to despair, and do not surrender their fears and misgivings, just move in the direction of the planned execution, making the best out of what you are capable of. To succeed in anything we have an opportunity to see it and believe in themselves, and do not whine that we did not come out, fearing it. Make every effort to maintain an optimistic mood, smile more and think about the good, driving away evil thoughts. We do not know what is really capable of, and, showing perseverance, patience and perseverance, can often surprise themselves.