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Original value "Magician" (Thoth Tarot)

Thoth Tarot - Magician - value

The basic meaning:

Agility; Mastery in the affairs; professionalism; wit; flexibility and ability to compromise. Also, this card indicates a real touch of magic, possession of certain magical abilities and magic classes. And we are talking about something real and practical expression (not to be confused with a visit to the currently fashionable variety of esoteric seminars and retreats of all kinds, with their strange and useless meditations).

This card is always positive.


"I really professional. I am well versed in it, and confident in my abilities".


The high evaluation of the partner capabilities and recognition of his skill; the ease and flexibility in relationships; understanding; mutual support; joint motion to the target; a good relationship.


Flexibility; ability to compromise; Mastery in the affairs; professionalism; the trick; possess extraordinary abilities; occupation and possession of magic magical abilities.

Jobs, Business:

Good command of various business tools (eg, computer programs and various databases); excellent understanding in their field of work or business; good for business and development; reasonable profit.


moderately positive dynamics of recovery.


Just keep up the good work, but do not forget that not only in Wonderland "have to run just to stay in place." We have here, too, all very rapidly developing and growing all the time you need to keep up with the times. In fact, in the continuation of the development is the whole point of our lives. There is no limit to perfection!