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Original value "Lust" (Thoth Tarot)

Thoth Tarot - Lust - value

The basic meaning:

The card "lust" is one of three major arcana (in addition to "Devil" and " Sun "), my interpretation is almost completely opposite interpretations A.Krouli and G. Ziegler. Let's leave it to the conscience of the aforementioned masters and go to my own, based on years of practice experience.

This card is the most severe emotional card of the deck, its significance is very similar to the card of "The Sun". In the original, it is called "Lust", which means "lust", but from lust in its significance is not so much. Rather, it points to a huge burst of energy, and in most cases, the release of a completely nekontroliruem. Especially dangerous Card "Lust" for women. She points out that in its riot of people (especially women) are more likely to lose or have already lost control, and further is dependent on the amount of energy and temperament... Houseware beat can be enough)), so be careful. For people with low energy (especially for men), a card may well be positive and mean rise of energy and passion.


"It's so pisses me off I'm just furious. You have no right to do that, and you bitterly regret it ".


A strong conflict; scandal; quarrel; rupture of relations; anger and hatred against the partner; extreme dissatisfaction with a partner; in rare cases - a strong sexual desire.


Last emotional incontinence; psychosis and despair; loss of self-control; feelings of anger, rage and fury; aggressive behavior.

Jobs, Business:

The scandal or a strong emotional tension in relationships with colleagues or superiors; force majeure; collapse or bankruptcy; substantial losses.


It is the negative dynamics of the disease; a strong deterioration of health; Crisis; death.

Recommendations: Following in the flow of their current emotions you destroy yourself and those around you. Such behavior almost never lead to anything good and help you in resolving the current situation. Try to calm down and do not express their feelings in action. Of course, you may be right, and (s) he really did vile and dishonest, yet mnee, you better pull yourself together, calmly weigh everything and only then decide what action to take. Anger - a bad adviser, it dazzles. Being in its flow, we are unable to make truly intelligent decisions based on future consequences of their actions.