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Original value "Lovers" (Thoth Tarot)

Thoth Tarot - Lovers - value

The basic meaning:

This card is a union of two people. Most often, it's really close relationship between love, physical intimacy and satisfaction, friendship, close partnership. As one of the few cards in the deck that can directly point to marriage. The card is always positive.


"I love you. My feelings are real and our relationships really make my life complete and happy".


The true love or friendship; warm and sincere feelings; sexual compatibility and satisfaction; honest and faithful partnership or cooperation.


Sincerity; honesty; ability to communicate and mutually beneficial partnerships; kindness and responsibility; thoughtfulness.

Jobs, Business:

The good cooperation and mutually beneficial partnership and cooperation; fair dealing and good faith performance of their job responsibilities; substantial profits; successful business.


A good positive dynamics of recovery.


You are fully absorbed in his feeling. It's just great and happens in our lives is not often. Try to preserve it, without being intrusive and does not like depleting their feelings and emotions of his partner. Know the measure as a simple communication and sex. Leave your partner enough personal space and keep it for yourself.

While enjoying your happiness, however, remember that the dissolution of a partner is not always a blessing for us. Love blinds and blind trust in this selfish world, very few are worthy. People change, feelings go... Remember this, and do not forget to control their own lives and about their safety in case of any, even the most unexpected and adverse scenarios.