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Original value "Knight Disks" (Thoth Tarot)

Thoth Tarot - Knight Disks - value

The basic meaning:

The card indicates that the time has come to "harvest", it is time to gather the fruits of which you once sowed. Beautiful card material financial or any other return on something that you previously started. Ripe ears of corn, yellow-green fields of ripe harvest in the background, a shield knight (expressed money) and his arms - all this shows that the "harvest" is ripe and it is time to hold in their hands the actual results of your past efforts.


"I am reaping the fruits of its past efforts, and I deserve it".


card quite often personalized and indicates the confident, strong and often to men.


Maturity, the joint material wealth, the mercantile interest, materialistic approach to the relationship with a partner, care and support.


The stability and ability to withstand external influences, high energy potential fruitfulness capacity to business and making money. Also, this card can indicate pregnancy. Negative characteristics can be passivity, the desire to "rest on our laurels," complacency and overconfidence.

Jobs, Business:

The implementation of ideas and financial results, a significant profit, success.


moderately negative dynamics of disease or stabilization of the state.


"Even though you have succeeded, do not forget that to keep and maintain the present is often more difficult than to come to him. "