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Original value "Clown" (Thoth Tarot)

Thoth Tarot - Clown - value

The basic meaning:

So, we have the first card of the deck Thoth Tarot, zero, the starting point, so to speak. And the beginning of something else usually reflects the basic, basic property of the phenomenon or object, to which it refers. This case is no exception. And since all the cards in this deck primarily reflect a very broad area of ​​emotional displays of human nature, the A.Krouli associated with this card is the easiest of our feelings. Easy, optimistic, naive, trusting, love, growth, spring mood - are the main positive characteristics of this card. Its characteristics are the negative revaluation of its forces and capabilities, lightness, and most importantly - irresponsibility. The latter value is particularly highlight, as it is manifested particularly clearly. Be very careful - like lightness and recklessness can bring you a lot of troubles.


"Everything is so nice and peaceful, I'm sure - I am not in danger and completely there is nothing to fear. Because the world is so beautiful. The people are kind, and I trust them. I'm sure - that I have not started, I will succeed ".


Easy; carelessness; full confidence in the partner; love; sympathy; spiritual and physical proximity; partner satisfaction.


Carelessness; ease of feeling; naiveté; credulity; irresponsibility; unwillingness to accept responsibility for their actions; promiscuity in sexual relations; inconsistency; do not bring the follow through.

Jobs, Business:

Start of business development; unclear objectives; underestimation of the actual situation and challenges; lack of profits; successful and satisfying start work at the new location; too optimistic forecasts and expectations.


It is a good positive dynamics; full recovery.


Enjoy this spring and easily. In our life, it happens infrequently. Perhaps this is the happiest time for you. It is possible that everything is really nice and peaceful. Perhaps it's really the kind of person you want, maybe this business - do your unique chance, and you received an inheritance is a reliable bank account. However, to fully relax still not worth it. You need to aggressively confront the feeling that your safety is absolute. This is an aggressive world in which our main enemy - is ourselves. "Simplicity worse than stealing." The meaning of this proverb is that our naivety, stupidity and gullibility can greatly harm both ourselves and those around us. Get together and constantly monitor how the situation and their own behavior. Do not spend without counting the money, do not take the credit, not how to assess their capabilities to return them not engage in questionable sex and not to approach unfamiliar people themselves, giving you all kinds of promises and pledges its honesty and integrity. The list goes on, but I hope you already knew. Believe me, I know what I'm talking about...